Confidential Psychic Readings ( Privacy Policy)

Confidential Psychic Readings. Being a Psychic and keeping things private is a sign of integrity and is also an indication of a readers character. No self respecting clairvoyant would ever break that trust. Confidentiality and trust in your reader is a prerequisite as far as I am concerned.

I have read for several very well known people from actors to people in Government and well known Psychics and Mediums who rely on me to keep the fact that they come to me private and some would certainly not want the fact that they consult a psychic in the media. Because I don’t watch much television so I often don’t know who they are until they tell me. But their identity is always safe with me.

Your privacy in every spiritual reading is guaranteed, I will not share your details or any content of your reading with anyone .

Feel free to ask me to work in with you if you need your email reading sent at a certain time for privacy reasons.

I do appreciate reviews if you are comfortable with that and I appreciate it (see my testimonial page) but all at your discretion. A reading is a very private matter between you and myself and I will not break that trust.

Your Reading is a Personal Experience

Psychic readings are a very personal  experience. I want you to know that any information about your life which you choose to share with me is private and I will treat it with confidentiality and care. Your privacy is guaranteed by me and You can ask me about anything.

Your data, such as your email address is safe and I do not share that with anyone  Credit card information is handled by PayPal and in a secure environment through Timely Bookings.

Also I will not send you spam I promise you that. I know how annoying that is. I feel that people will find me without being emailed constantly and there is Social media I use to inform people of  promotions and specials. So no need for spam.

Above all I am honored by your trust and that is a responsibility I take seriously. Without trust the spiritual connection is not as strong or as clear.

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Please feel free to contact me if you have any particular requests . Contact Franziska



Confidential Psychic Readings

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