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To Contact New Zealand Psychic Franziska, Please check with me for readings in Wellington as I am often away working in other areas.

For bookings please email or call as my mail has to wait for me to return from tour:

Franziska Intuitive

24 b Moorefield Rd, Johnsonville, Wellington

Phone: 021412935


Booking a Psychic Email or Phone Reading

Email Readings are available internationally but Phone Readings are not available overseas.

Bookings are open through Timely scheduling 24 hours a day. For personal assistance for bookings my hours are:

Monday – Friday 9am- 7 pm

Due to my frequent touring( find my Spiritual Tour itinerary at this link) I am not always at my home base. So please have a look and contact me if i am in your area.

Email is usually the quickest way as my phone is on silent when I am in a Reading.

All Readings are Confidential My Privacy guarantee is on my Privacy page.

For easy bookings my online service is brilliant but if you have any issues with it please contact me and if you are in New Zealand, I can send you my bank details and book you in manually for the next available spot. I will not send my bank details to people in other countries I am sorry. But PayPal take care of that for me and also convert currencies.

I am a full time clairvoyant and psychic and have a very busy schedule. For bookings the fastest and easiest route is to book online using the booking button which will take you to Timely bookings service and a secure checkout.

For NZ Psychic Readings in Person

Please contact me as these are not booked online due to my frequent travels in New Zealand.

I have my phone on silent when working with clients to allow for peace and minimize interruptions I ask for people to email please if you can.

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