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Easily book a Psychic Reading in New Zealand and Online Internationally

To easily book a Psychic reading with me I started using Timely bookings quite a few years ago, They are efficient and allow me to get on with my readings .You will receive your reading and answers to Your questions on the date You have booked for. Its all very smooth and streamlined and private and secure.

As I am a solo operator, having a booking service is really essential as having readings interrupted by calls and texts is very annoying to my customers , I always have my phone on silent when I am working so I don’t have interruptions. It has meant I can focus on doing the actual readings rather than organizing appointments . If you have any trouble please contact me via my form and I will get back to you as soon as I am free.

Schedule a reading easily by clicking on my book now button or by using the form below. My next available appointment for a clairvoyant session will be shown.

My online booking system is by Timely Scheduling and you can choose a time. type of reading etc. This is for remote ( email and phone readings , for face to face sessions please contact me) Payments are processed by PayPal

For psychic readings in Wellington please contact me 

If You have any trouble Please Contact me to arrange to pay by Internet banking (this is available in New Zealand only) I will send you my details and confirm your booking .

Please pay attention to the date you book for with online readings . I will be doing your reading at that time. Email readings to not require you to be available as they don’t involve calls. If I have your questions, photo and date of birth I have all I need for psychic email readings. To read more about my options for Psychic Readings in NZ


Booking a Reading Online

You do not need to log in ,select the service click continue , then you will be taken to the next available date and time, choose one, fill out the form , then you will be taken to PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account , You can check out as Guest


How do I Book a Psychic Reading in New Zealand and from Overseas Online ?

Timely provides safe and secure Bookings I don’t receive your payment details that is all handled by Pay Pal.  Please contact me for face to Face Readings or if you have trouble with the booking process. The Book a Psychic Reading via Timely this is is for Email Psychic readings, Phone Readings and Phone Coaching sessions

Scheduling Your appointment for a reading is easy and straightforward with this system 

1. Choose the type of reading. eg full, love guidance , lifepath readings, 12 month, past life readings, phone ( if no phone readings show they are currently booked out)
2. Choose a time and day.
3. Fill out the Form
4.Pay with PayPal by Credit Card, debit Card or Your PayPal account ( that option is at the bottom of the payment screen)
5. Email me a photo and any questions You may have to fran@psychicfranziska.com
6. Done. You will receive a confirmation email. Please also check your spam folder as
my readings and confirmations sometimes end up there

I will be doing your reading at the time booked and you can expect your reading to be sent to you straight after your appointment.

Timely Bookings are completely confidential as only you and I can see your booking. Others see only spaces available. I do not send adverts and spam . You will receive a confirmation by email after you have made your booking.

Contact me if you have any trouble with Booking a Psychic Reading in New Zealand and online system  or wish to pay by bank deposit.( NZ Only)

PayPal security Information – PayPal

Contact Me about Bookings 


book a Psychic Reading


Debit and Credit Card Payments for Psychic Readings Booked in Book a Psychic Reading in New Zealand and Online Worldwide

Payments are processed by PayPal and you can use the pay as Guest with Credit Card Option If you have any trouble please contact me and I will send you my bank details ( New Zealand only)

You do not have to have a PayPal account to use PayPal You can check out as guest and turn off the slider button on the payment form which asks you to create an account. You can pay by credit or debit card without  a PayPal account. They seem to have added that join button but if you slide it to the off position it proceeds to let you check out as guest and not to create an account

For psychic readings in Wellington please contact me via the form below

Please pay attention to the date you are booking for as that is when I will do your reading.

Book a Psychic Reading

You can book any of my Email Readings and also Phone Readings Online

I have available Full readings , 12 Month ReadingsPsychic Love Readings , Lifepath Readings, Couples Readings, Past Life Readings , Short Readings, Business Clairvoyant Guidance, Urgent Appointment and Phone Sessions which can all be booked online via Timely Scheduling . 

For face to Face sessions in Wellington and New Zealand when I am touring please contact me as I like to arrange those personally 


Secure PayPal payments for booking a psychic reading
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 Gift Vouchers for Psychic Readings

These gift vouchers are for a full psychic reading and can be redeemed when booking. They are a perfect gift for people who are curious, hard to buy for or going through a lot of changes or challenges. They can then schedule an appointment for themselves .You will receive a voucher code which can be redeemed when booking online or in person. In an online booking the recipient of the voucher can apply the code which is received and use it to pay for their reading when they book online.

Normal booking wait times apply as shown in my booking calendar. Alternatively you can book for the person and send me their email address

How do I book a  Book a Psychic Reading in Person In Johnsonville ?

Please contact me for these as they book out fast. These are at my address.

6 Johnsonville Drive ,



or in other towns as I often tour

Timely Booking Service to book a Psychic Reading in New Zealand and Internationally

To book New Zealand wide and also International readings is easy. You can pay in your own currency as PayPal convers this.

Payments are handled by PayPal and you can pay as Guest with Credit Card Option If you have any trouble please contact me and I will send you my bank details ( New Zealand only)

Timely Bookings have allowed me to focus more on the readings as finding mutually suitable times and sending details and confirmations was taking a lot of my time I would rather spend on peoples readings. If you have any trouble I can send you my details. This is for New Zealanders only.

I do the readings at the time booked or sometimes a bit earlier. So please send your questions and photos by the day before your appointment.

I can’t use PayPal or a Credit Card when I schedule an appointment ?

Please contact me to arrange to pay by Internet banking (this is available in New Zealand only) I will send you my details and confirm your booking .

For in Face to Face Psychic Clairvoyant Readings

Please contact me for these as I am often touring in New Zealand and not always in Wellington. My Readings in Wellington Page also has details and dates.

How do I book a Psychic Reading by Phone ?

New Zealand customers only

Phone readings are usually booked online and limited in number when I am travelling. I will call you at the time booked so please supply your preferred phone number and be available. A pen and paper is also handy so you can jot down notes. Also having your questions jotted down can be helpful as often people forget what they were going to ask.

Booking an Email Reading with Online Bookings

By email I have available full readings, relationship or couples readings and business readings and short readings , lifepath readings and sometimes a special I am running. These appointments for readings can be easily scheduled .

Sometimes I run specials which I promote on my Face Book Page and also on my front page on my website here Psychic Franziska Home

Before Your reading please send me :

  • Your date of birth
  • Up to 5 questions for a standard reading
  • Also a photo please. It makes the connection stronger if I can look at you

What should I do before Psychic Reading?

Please be open and keep in mind what you are wanting clarity on . Being blocked can affect the connection and your reading wont be as good. Being relaxed allows me to connect with you .

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To book a Psychic Reading in Wellington please contact me


Fluent Form Psychic Franziska


The Advantages of Psychic Franziska’s Book a Psychic Reading Online Service

  1. Convenience: Online booking services are available 24/7, allowing you to make reservations at any time that suits you, even outside of business hours. This convenience is especially valuable for people with busy schedules.


2. Accessibility: You can access online bookings from anywhere with an internet connection, whether it’s from their home computer, smartphone, or tablet. This means they can make reservations while on the go, during travel, or from the comfort of their own home.


3. Time-saving: Online booking eliminates the need for You to make phone calls, wait on hold, or visit a physical location to make a booking. It streamlines the booking process and saves valuable time.


4. Transparency: My online scheduling appointments service provides detailed information about available options, including prices, availability, and any special offers or discounts. Y can make informed decisions without relying on incomplete or outdated information.


5. Reduced Errors: Online scheduling systems are less prone to errors caused by miscommunication during phone conversations. You can review and confirm their information before finalizing an appointment, reducing the risk of mistakes.


6. Real-time Availability: Booking a Psychic reading through Timely shows real-time availability, so customers can instantly see if a particular date or time slot is open. This ensures You can secure their preferred booking quickly.


7. Multiple Options: You can compare different services, and timeslots easily, allowing them to choose the one that best suits Your needs and preferences.


8. Confirmation for Bookings when booking a reading online : My booking system sends automated confirmations via email reducing the chances of customers forgetting their appointments .


9. Integration with Other Services: Online booking systems can often integrate with other services, such as payment gateways, calendar apps, and social media platforms, making it even more convenient for customers. And also the Provider as they have records of all their appointments across platforms


10. As a one person organization for me having the online bookings taken care of is a huge help as before I would often be busy and it would take 5 or six emails to get everything sorted and set up for one appointment  which I was trying to do between sessions. So I thank you for your patience the first time you try an online system to book a psychic reading with me