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Psychic Love Readings, Relationship Readings and Couples Readings

Psychic Love Readings are a specialty of mine and I can read for you or even for couples if you would like that

Do you want to know where your love life is going? Or where your life with your partner is going with joint plans.

Are you single and wondering if you will ever meet the right person for you?

My Psychic Love readings are about exactly that. Love, relationships and the potential and future of the relationship.

These can be psychic readings online, by phone or in  person in Wellington or New Zealand wide when I tour but the prices will vary 

How does he or she feel? Do we have future?

It it is undoubtedly one of the most confusing areas in many peoples lives as we are not taught how to deal with emotions and communicate them effectively as children.

But even with the best skills sometimes we misunderstand , misinterpret and sometimes we even get the wool pulled over our eyes.

Do we both need to be there for  Psychic Love Reading ?

No you don’t but if  You have a partner having their first name helps and a photo also helps me to connect with the person in an email reading but is not essential. For face to face readings in Wellington or in New Zealand when I am on tour if your partner can come its a good idea to bring them but not necessary.

Can I have a Love reading if I don’t have a Partner ?

Yes You can as I can look at the future in your relationship sector of life. and what you can do do attract the right person for you. I will also look at what is in your future regarding relationships and love. 

We are Human and have Feelings

Psychic Love Readings are for all sorts of couples, married, just met, in a long term relationship, same sex couples. The dynamics of people relating and building a life together are very similar.

I look at what potential and compatibility the couple have and also what obstacles stand in their way. Sometimes trust issues pop up if one person has been hurt before or they just have different ideas of what behavior is positive. This is so normal as most people who have loved before experience this and it can be overcome.

I really feel that most can be sorted out with understanding as miscommunication can cause a lot of problems and texting is probably the worst for that. I have heard so many instances of texting becoming a problem therefore its good to keep texting to facts as much as possible.

Psychic Love Readings can be a bit like Spiritual Mediation

In a Psychic Love Reading can see a unique view of both peoples perspectives and can help them to understand each other and also to heal rifts.

My Psychic Love Readings look at these issues and I also offer advice as to how to overcome them and I have helped quite a few couples get back on the same page. Having a better understanding of your partner is very helpful and bring harmony back.

If you have just met someone I can look at what your comparability is like and where you may just need to work on it a bit. I can tell you if the person is genuine and that is so important as often new relationships can be a bit uncertain.

Twin Flames and Soulmate Readings

As a long term  NZ Psychic I have noticed since putting more focus on Psychic Love Readings, more and more twin flames are now connecting as we head into an age of more awareness. Now is the time to come together and grow together. Such strong connections have some challenges but you can overcome these leading you to a beautiful and closely connected relationship. These are available online or in person in New Zealand and Wellington

Soul mates sometimes have some karma from the past to re balance but once seen for what it is and cleared life becomes much easier and the bond becomes very strong.

There are more Twin Flames than ever before

Twin souls or flames are so much more common now. So much so that I have specialized and learnt a lot about these connections. I have written some blog posts and made videos on the topic too.

These relationships are often very intense energetically and therefore can be overwhelming to one or both and sometimes this cause issues. One will sometimes run and remove themselves for a while and they can be a bit on and off until people work through their feelings. It is about patience and openness with each other and it will make life so much easier.

Once worked through, these two together can build absolutely amazing lives as they are a complement and very in tune with each other.

Click here to read my Blog Post about the intensity  and an article describing the most important sign its a Twin Flame by Elephant Journal 

Psychic Love Readings for Relationships or Marriage 

Relationships change and grow over the years and sometimes one person grows more than the other. I can assist in bringing more connection and closeness back and can guide you how to best strengthen the bond with you partner and bring the magic back. As a NZ Psychic these are available in person in New Zealand and also online in NZ and Internationally

Couples Readings

These are for couples and more focused their joint lives and their future together. Like moving house or location, starting a business and having a family. There is more of course and you are welcome to ask me about anything you are undertaking together. Or any relationship concerns you have. These are available online or in person in Wellington or New Zealand wide when I am touring

To book go to my Booking Page or Contact Me

Some Common Questions for  Psychic Love Reading

People who have a love reading and often have specific questions sometimes also people want a general outlook of the future if they are single Here is a list of common questions:

Here are some common areas people ask about when they ask for psychic love readings

1. Will I find true love?

 You may have questions about the possibility of finding a deep and lasting romantic connection.
Is my current partner the one for me?

Individuals in relationships often want insight into whether their current partner is their soulmate or if they should consider other options.

2,When will I meet my soulmate or future partner?

Timing can be a key concern for those eager to know when love will enter their lives.
What can I do to attract a loving relationship?

People may seek advice on personal growth or changes they can make to enhance their chances of finding love.

3.How can I improve my current relationship?

Those in relationships may want guidance on how to strengthen their bonds and overcome challenges.

4.What are the obstacles preventing me from finding love?

Understanding and addressing personal barriers to love, such as past trauma or negative patterns, can be a common inquiry.

5, Is my ex-partner coming back into my life?

Individuals often wonder if there is a possibility of rekindling a past relationship.

6.What is the future of my current relationship?

Couples may seek insights into the long-term potential and stability of their partnerships.

7. Am I in a karmic relationship?

People want to understand the spiritual or karmic aspects of their relationships and whether they are meant for personal growth

8. How can I heal from past heartbreaks?

Psychic love readings can provide guidance on emotional healing and moving forward after a painful breakup.

9. Is there any spiritual connection between me and my partner?

You may be curious about the spiritual or metaphysical aspects of their romantic relationships.

10. What can I expect in my love life in the coming year?

Seeking a forecast of upcoming romantic events and opportunities is a common question.

11. Should I pursue a specific romantic interest?

Some people seek guidance on whether to take a chance on someone they are interested in.

12. How can I improve my self-confidence in dating?

Confidence and self-esteem issues can be addressed to help individuals feel more comfortable and successful in their romantic endeavors.

13, Is there any past-life connection with my current partner or potential partner?

People who are interested in exploring the idea of past-life connections in their love relationships.

These questions reflect the wide range of concerns and curiosities that people may have when seeking a psychic love reading. It’s important to approach a psychic love reading with an open mind and a willingness to receive guidance and insights that can aid in personal growth and decision-making in matters of love

How can a Psychic Love Reading help Me?

A psychic love reading can help you in several ways, but it’s important to approach it with an open mind and also to balance it with what your own intuition tells you. Here are some ways in which a psychic love reading can assist you:

Gain Clarity: Love readings can provide you with insights and clarity about your romantic life. They may offer a fresh perspective on your current relationship or help you understand your own desires and needs better.

Relationship Guidance: A psychic can offer guidance and advice on your current relationship, helping you navigate challenges or make decisions regarding your love life.

Identifying Red Flags: A psychic love reading can help you identify potential red flags in a new relationship or warn you about repeating unhealthy patterns from the past.

Self-Reflection: Love readings can prompt self-reflection and encourage you to explore your emotions, desires, and fears related to love and relationships.

Closure: If you’re dealing with the end of a relationship or the loss of a loved one, a psychic reading can provide emotional support and closure. Also I can offer you understanding and guidance on how to move on especially if you did not have closure with the other person I can guide you how to have closure for yourself.

Empowerment: Psychic love readings can empower you to make more informed decisions about your love life, giving you a sense of control and understanding over your romantic choices.

Personal Growth: I can help you focus on personal growth and self-improvement, which can lead to healthier and more fulfilling relationships.


I also have lifepath readings  available focusing on your gifts and talents and direction in Your Life 

Past Life psychic readings can look deeper into your past life connections

For in person love , relationship and couples readings 

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Psychic Love Readings


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