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How to book a Psychic Reading

How do I book a psychic reading?  This page has a great deal of information on bookings and also a convenient booking form from my service For easy online bookings for email and phone psychic readings. Your name , email and phone number and a short note in the first text field is all that is required. I don’t need your address. With Psychic Phone Readings if none show I am currently booked out as these book out fast. For face to face readings please contact me.


How do I Book a Psychic Reading Online ?

1. Choose the type of reading. eg full, love, phone ( this is for online and phone readings only)
2. Choose a time and day.
3. Fill out the Form
4.Pay with PayPal by Credit Card, debit Card or Your PayPal account
5. email me a photo and any questions You may have to fran@psychicfranziska.com
6.Done. You will receive a confirmation email. Please also check your spam folder as
my readings and confirmations sometimes end up there
I will be doing your reading at the time booked and you can expect your reading straight after your appointment

Timely Bookings are completely confidential as only you and I can see your booking. Others see only spaces available. I do not send adverts and spam and neither do Timely. You will receive a confirmation by email after you have made your booking.

Contact me if you have any trouble or wish to pay by bank deposit.( NZ Only)

How do I book a Face to Face Reading? 

Please contact me for these as they book out fast. these are at my address. 24b Moorefield Road , Johnsonville, Wellington or in other towns as I often tour

Timely Booking Service

All payments are processed by PayPal and you don’t have to have a Pay Pal account to use this. Debit and credit cards are accepted

Timely Bookings have allowed me to focus more on the readings as finding mutually suitable times and sending details and confirmations was taking a lot of my time I would rather spend on peoples readings.If you have any trouble I can send you my details. This is for New Zealanders only.

I do the readings at the time booked or sometimes a bit earlier.

I cant use PayPal or a credit Card ?

Please email fran@psychicfranziska.com to arrange to pay by Internet banking (this is available in New Zealand only) I will send you my details and confirm your booking .

For in Face to Face Psychic Clairvoyant Readings
Please contact me for these as I am often touring in New Zealand and not always in Wellington. My Find Me Page also has details and dates.

How do I book a Psychic Phone Reading?

New Zealand customers only

Phone readings are usually booked online and limited in number when I am travelling. I will call you at the time booked so please supply your preferred phone number and be available. A pen and paper is also handy so you can jot down notes. Also having your questions jotted down can be helpful as often people forget what they were going to ask.

Bookings an Email Reading

By email I have available full readings, relationship or couples readings and business readings and short readings.

Sometimes I run specials which I promote on my Face Book Page

Before Your reading please send me :

Your date of birth

Up to 5 questions for a standard reading

Also a photo  please. It makes the connection stronger when I can look at you

What should I do before Psychic Reading?

Please be open and keep in mind what you are wanting clarity on . Being blocked can affect the connection and your reading wont be as good. Being relaxed allows me to connect with you .

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Psychic Love Readings and Relationship Guidance

Psychic Love readings are a specialty of mine and I can red for you or even for couples if you would like that 

Do you want to know where your love life is going? Or where your life with your partner is going with joint plans.

Are you single and wondering if you will ever meet the right person for you?

My Psychic Love readings are about exactly that. Love, relationships and the potential and future of the relationship.

How does he or she feel? Do we have future?

It it is undoubtedly one of the most confusing areas in many peoples lives as we are not taught how to deal with emotions and communicate them effectively as children.

But even with the best skills sometimes we misunderstand , misinterpret and sometimes we even get the wool pulled over our eyes.

We are Human and have Feelings

These are for all sorts of couples, married, just met, in a long term relationship, same sex. The dynamics of people relating and building a life together are very similar.

I look at what potential and compatibility the couple have and also what obstacles stand in their way. Sometimes trust issues pop up if one person has been hurt before or they just have different ideas of what behavior is positive. This is so normal as most people who have loved before experience this and it can be overcome.

I really feel that most can be sorted out with understanding as miscommunication can cause a lot of problems and texting is probably the worst for that. I have heard so many instances of texting becoming a problem therefore its good to keep texting to facts as much as possible.

In a way I can see a unique view of both peoples perspectives and can help them to understand each other and also to heal rifts.

My Psychic Love readings look at these issues and I also offer advice as to how to overcome them and I have helped quite a few couples get back on the same page. Having a better understanding of your partner is very helpful and bring harmony back.

If you have just met someone I can look at what your comparability is like and where you may just need to work on it a bit. I can tell you if the person is genuine and that is so important as often new relationships can be a bit uncertain.

Twin Flames and Soulmates

I have noticed since putting more focus on Psychic Love Readings, more and more twin flames are now connecting as we head into an age of more awareness. Now is the time to come together and grow together. Such strong connections have some challenges but you can overcome these leading you to a beautiful and closely connected relationship.

Soul mates sometimes have some karma from the past to re balance but once seen for what it is and cleared life becomes much easier and the bond becomes very strong.

There are more Twin Flames than ever before

Twin souls or flames are so much more common now. So much so that I have specialized and learnt a lot about these connections. I have written some blog posts and made videos on the topic too.

These relationships are often very intense energetically and therefore can be overwhelming to one or both and sometimes this cause issues. One will sometimes run and remove themselves for a while and they can be a bit on and off until people work through their feelings. It is about patience and openness with each other and it will make life so much easier.

Once worked through, these two together can build absolutely amazing lives as they are a complement and very in tune with each other.

Click here to read my Blog Post about the intensity  and an article describing the most important sign its a Twin Flame by Elephant Journal 

Psychic Love Readings for Marriage or Long term Relationships

Relationships change and grow over the years and sometimes one person grows more than the other. I can assist in bringing more connection and closeness back and can guide you how to best strengthen the bond with you partner and bring the magic back.

Couples Readings

These are for couples and more focused threir joint lives and their future together. Like moving house or location, starting a business and having a family. There is more of course and you are welcome to ask me about anything you are undertaking together. Or any relationship concerns you have.


“Franziska is a gifted and experienced psychic reader and also a soul coach .
She will encourage you to move towards a positive path, specializing in love, relationships and Soulmate connections.
With 30 years experience and excellent reviews.”

Psychic Love Readings

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