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FAQ About Psychic Readings with Franziska

Here are my answers to some common questions about Psychic Readings. A reputable Psychic does not predict death or scare their client. Yes sometimes life is tough and I will not gloss over that fact but there are also solutions which I can point out . I love to make people aware of the opportunities coming their way and how to avoid the stumbling block. I hope this page can explain some things about psychic readings and how they work and what You could ask if you need some ideas

Here are are some FAQ About Psychic Readings

People have all sorts of ideas about psychic readings and Hollywood is responsible for some of that, most psychics are people with normal lives and also have a code of conduct if they have integrity. Selling sells and getting your ex back are really more the sideshow side of things and they really are not something a real psychic will dabble in

Please feel free to contact me the links are below and ask me anything you wish about psychic readings with me .


FAQ about psychic readings


What do I need to send you for an email reading?

Up to 5 questions, your date of birth and a photo. The photo really helps me to connect to you. The questions are optional but do allow me to focus on what you would like to know more about.

How do I order an in person Psychic Reading? 
For in person readings please contact me as I often travel and tour New Zealand .Email and phone readings can be booked from my website.

What do I need to do once I order and email readings?
You simply need to save my email address or your reading may end up in the spam folder. I will do the email reading during the appointment time and will send it to you when complete. I do have a page about psychic readings by email 

What do I need to do for a phone reading?

When you book you enter your phone number in the field in the form and then you just need to be available during the appointment time. You do need to be in new Zealand for a Phone Reading. Please contact me if you wish to know more about psychic Readings.

What should I do after a reading?

You may want to sit quietly or go for a walk. It often takes some time to process everything. With email readings reading it through once and then coming back to areas of particular interest to you. If you don’t understand something please contact me and ask.

Which kind of Readings do You do?

I have available Email , phone readings and in person readings in New Zealand. Email Psychic readings can be from anywhere. I have available , Psychic Lifepath Readings, 12 Month readings, Full readings , Love and Relationship Readings , Past Life Readings, Short Readings, 3 question Spiritual Readings , Business Readings and urgent readings by Email . For phone and face to face psychic readings in New Zealand  they are an hour long and can be about what you choose. I also sometimes do Tarot Readings when travelling New Zealand at events or group bookings or when requested

Why is life so difficult sometimes?
We learn and grow through those times and sometimes we have set those situations up to learn and grow or to teach someone else something. We learn our biggest lessons and progress as souls during the harder times. I do offer coaching which can be helpful when you are going through a big transition in Your life. Coaching Services.   

Please feel free to read more about psychic readings and how they help you here on my site and what the readings can offer you

How does being a Psychic happen?

While psychic ability and intuition are available to us all, some people are born with natural gifts or talents. Most psychics report having some kind of “paranormal” skills in childhood that they choose to practice and develop. Some learn through trying different tools, like astrology or Tarot, while others just find themselves falling into a guide for people over time. My articles have some good topics on learning the Tarot and how to tune into your intuition on my psychic blog pages

Can I learn to be Psychic? 

Everybody has a sixth sense. But people to receive information in different ways. Some are more visual, some hear and some sense. With practice anyone can strengthen their abilities. Trust is super important. Trust what you see and feel Here is an article on how to connect with your spirit guides

How soon can I have another Psychic Reading?

If you have had a lot of changes any time you feel you need an update. having several readings about the same situation when nothing has changed may not show much change in your reading. Most of all trust when you feel its right for you. Also having lots of readings can be confusing. But during really turbulent times you may need more frequent appointments for a short time. 

Why do You ask for a Photo ?

I don’t want to waste your time and find it a lot faster to tune in if I have a photo of you or who you ask about
The photos are deleted at the end of the reading. I only require these for email and phone readings for in person readings New Zealand wide I don’t require a photo

To learn more about psychic readings in person Psychic Readings in Wellington, Psychic Readings in Auckland,

Email Readings 

How does a Psychic connect with me?

You don’t need to be face to face with a Psychic for them to connect with you. A connection between you & the Psychic usually happens pretty quickly. They may ask you to empty your mind & relax so that they can connect more easily.

Can a child have a Psychic Reading?

No a person must be over 18 or 16 if mature. Your children may come up in your reading though.

How do I get the most out of my appointment?
Relax and focus on what you want clarity on . Or you can just go with whatever spirit brings through . For face to face bookings writing down what you want to ask helps as people often forget. For email readings please send me any questions and a photo which shows your face.

My website is full of information about psychic readings with me

I hope that answers some of the most often asked questions about psychic readings. If you have others please do not hesitate to contact me

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What are some Questions to ask during a Psychic Reading?

  1. General Life Questions:
    • What do you see in my future?
    • Can you provide insights into different areas of my life, such as love, career, and health?
  2. Specific Questions:
    • Can you provide guidance on a specific decision I’m facing?
    • What can you tell me about my current relationship or potential future relationships?
  3. Self-Reflection :
    • Can you offer insights into my strengths and weaknesses?
    • How can I enhance my personal growth and development?
  4. Spiritual Guidance:
    • Do you sense any spiritual connections or messages for me?
    • How can I enhance my spiritual well-being?
  5. Career and Finances:
    • What insights can you provide about my career path?
    • Do you see any changes or opportunities in my financial situation?
  6. Health and Well-being Questions during a Psychic Reading:
    • Can you provide any insights into my health and well-being?
    • How can I maintain or improve my overall wellness?  ( Please keep in mind that Psychics can not legally diagnose conditions )
  7. Loved Ones and Relationships:
    • Is there a message from a departed loved one?
    • Can you offer guidance on improving relationships with family or friends?
    • 8 Questions about Timing during a Psychic Reading:

    • When might I expect changes or opportunities?
    • Can you provide any insights into the timing of specific events in my life?
  8. Personal Development:
    • What steps can I take to become the best version of myself?
    • How can I overcome any obstacles in my personal development?
  9. Validation:
    • Can you provide any validation or confirmation of my current path or decisions?
    • Are there any patterns in my life that I should be aware of?       These are some examples of things people ask during readings which will lead top more precise answers. 

You can learn more about psychic readings here

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