Past Life Readings

Discover More about Yourself  through Past Life Readings

Past life readings are psychic readings and are something people often ask about so I decided to offer a specific reading for this. 

Past Lives can affect us in this lifetime especially if there was some trauma or a painful situation involved. But once we understand that better then the situation is released and we can be free of the associated feelings as well

We also have talents and gifts which we carry forward from our past lives and naturally have in this lifetime

Many children remember their past lives and have strong recollections of places and people from their past incarnations

Most people have had hundreds of past lives and I cant read all of them or I would end up with a novel. But I will look at the most relevant and important lifetimes which affect you in the now and also which have helped you to learn skills you naturally have. I usually cover about 3-4 lives

You will also have a soul group which are past life and between life connections who you will meet up with in this life and I will mention any you are still going to meet.

Past Life Readings and Karma 

Karma is something many misunderstand its not a punishment but a way for our souls to grow and learn and to experience different roles in life. We may be wealthy in one life but poor in another and that is not a punishment simply some new learning . Once the learning is complete and the understood the life condition eg like a lack of money will ease .

 In my past life readings. I require a photo, first name and date of birth and if you have any experiences you want to ask about then that information too so I can look at it. These readings are by email and I look into your past life history and write a detailed description and also I will mention your soul lesson in this life time and your talents you have brought forward

It takes me about an hour and  a half to really tune in and to be in a receptive state so I can look into your past lives and I will send you , your pas life reading at the end of that time.

 Past Life Readings and Soulmates

Soulmates and Twin Flames often pop up in past life readings as we have shared many lives with them . We don’t spend every life with them though as we also have our own journeys . But will catch up with them again and again 

To book a past life reading simply go to my online booking service by clicking on the button and complete your booking. You don’t have to be a PayPal member as you can also check out as guest. If you have any trouble please contact me.

Also please send your photo etc. to fran@psychicfranziska.com

A detailed past life reading by Email is $80


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