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Psychic Readings in New Zealand Tour Dates

For Psychic readings in Wellington or in other centres.Please check with me first as I am often touring. Or contact me: Go to My Contact Me Page

Psychic Readings New Zealand Wide

Tour Itinerary

 To have a better idea of my current location for face to face psychic readings please contact me.

Thank you to all those who made an appointment and came for a reading in Hamilton on the 11th

Taupo 25th of November . Please contact me for bookings. Thank you it was wonderful


I am still in the Waikato Area and available for readings by appointment or online



To Connect with me for a Psychic Reading In New Zealand

Contact Me:  [email protected] or Phone 021412935

More updates are on my Facebook Page where I publish my tour dates in advance. Please check my page as I may be near and we can connect .

Please fill in the form below if you have any questions: 

Psychic readings in New Zealand

Working and Travelling in New Zealand

It is so much easier to travel as a NZ Psychic as my internet and mobile phone connect me wherever I am.

I feel so very blessed to be able to travel and meet so many people and to enjoy the beauty of New Zealand.

Our country has such a beautiful spiritual energy and is so very varied that travelling is always an adventure.

This is such a gorgeous country as you can see from some of my photos below. Photography is a hobby of mine and I grab every opportunity to capture images of the beauty which surrounds us. I try to visit a lot of different towns, which works out great as over the years I have clients and friends in many places in New Zealand.

I share my travel pictures on my social media channels for people to enjoy and people have said they travel vicariously through my journeys.

Psychic Readings in New Zealand

Being in one place is now not as important as it once was.

With the modern technology available now I am able to work online doing email readings and also to do Psychic phone readings as I travel.

For more travel photos and adventures feel free to follow my Travel blog 

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