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Psychic Readings in Wellington, New Zealand


For Clairvoyant Readings in Johnsonville. Wellington and surrounding Cities

For Psychic Readings in Wellington or New Zealand wide or when I visit other Towns please contact me as I am away touring  often and have pre booked appointments in towns around New Zealand . Clients can come to my Johnsonville office by appointment only, to contact me: Please Go to My Contact Me Page

6 Johnsonville Road

I have over 30 years experience and excellent reviews and was approved and vetted by Best Psychic Directory , which is a lengthy process before anyone gets listed in this directory, It is managed by a former Private Eye who does a thorough process. 

For Readings in Person in Johnsonville New Zealand 

Please contact me to arrange psychic readings in Wellington

Or reach out on social media Facebook, Twitter or  Linked In

When you see me for an in person psychic reading in Johnsonville please be on time as it will cut your session short and also if you wish to you can record your reading on your phone . This can help afterwards if you wish to revisit aspects of your reading

When you visit me for psychic readings in Wellington it can help to have some questions written down so you don’t forget them and can ask them. I usually go ahead with the reading and then answer questions after that. But if you have  a really important matter to discuss , then please ask before hand

I tour a great deal especially over summer but am still available for email and phone readings these can be booked via my Book a Psychic Reading Page

For online and phone readings please book via my website or contact me if you have trouble with my my booking service. If no phone appointments show then they are booked out for several weeks and more will be available when I catch up

I am a Johnsonville , Psychic but also visit other centers every year to catch up with clients in those cities and towns.

Please turn your phone off or on silent during  Psychic Readings in Wellington or in person in general as having phones ring really can stop the flow of information . Also feel free that when your phone is on silent to record your reading with an audio recording app or to take notes during your reading. So as long as it doesn’t ring, phones are useful during readings.

During an in Person Reading in Wellington or while I am Touring

  • Feel free to stop me and ask questions if something confuses you during a reading.
  • Ask for certain topics to be covered before your reading
  • Ask for clarification after the completion of you psychic reading 
  • Bring a friend- It can be nice to have a friend with you

Psychic Readings in New Zealand 

Wellington- Auckland- Tauranga- Rotorua – Napier- Hamilton- Christchurch

When I am not in Johnsonville, I also travel a great deal in my mobile home and visit towns which means I can tour more as I am not needing to stay in motels and can also visit family  . Often people book ahead of my visits and I am sometimes fully booked before I arrive in a town I will visit a town if I have enough interest from there

I also just love it and spend a lot of time on the road working as a psychic . Why stay in one place when you don’t need to. so please contact me for face to face sessions

Psychic Readings in Wellington and New Zealand Wide

To learn more about International and New Zealand readings  

Contact Me: fran@psychicfranziska.com or Phone 021412935

More updates are on my Facebook Page where I publish my tour dates in advance. Please check my page as I may be near and we can connect .

Please fill in the form below if you would like to see me for a reading in person or when I tour New Zealand or have any questions: 

My face to Face Johnsonville appointments are $100 for an hour and $140 for a couples reading

       From the Service rating Website Top Rated

Psychic Franziska, based in Wellington, NZ, is widely praised for her accurate psychic readings and intuitive guidance. Drawing on years of experience and a strong connection to the spiritual realm, she has earned a reputation for offering insightful and precise predictions.
Whether you’re seeking clarity in relationships, career, or personal development, Psychic Franziska provides guidance to help you navigate life.
Utilizing her intuitive abilities, she taps into your energy to offer deep insights, empowering you to make informed decisions and confidently follow your life path.
With a compassionate and empathetic approach, Psychic Franziska creates a safe and supportive space for clients to explore their questions. Her psychic readings illuminate hidden aspects of your life, offering guidance to overcome obstacles and embrace opportunities.



A wonderful reading once again. I have been going to Franziska for 10 years and she is accurate and always answers my questions in detail I highly recommend Franziskas readings

Ben Jackson

I had another really good reading and I always look forward to my readings with Franziska. She is clear and gives a lot of detail. Franziska has guided me through some tough times and it’s been a great comfort to have someone available to help

Annette Wager

I highly recommend Franziska. I just had a wonderful psychic reading the most accurate I have ever had. She was spot on with everything. I can now go forward knowing where I am going and what do. So many topics were covered in my reading. Franziska is extremely skilled and professional and very compassionate. She knew things she had no way of knowing, more than many people know about me and gave me detailed guidance Franziska is amazing and I will be back Matt

Matthias Jensen

wellington psychic readings


Contact me for Face to Face Appointments 


Fluent Form Psychic Franziska

Working and Touring New Zealand

It is so much easier to travel as a NZ Psychic as my internet and mobile phone connect me wherever I am. So if I am in at home or elsewhere its does not matter with my online readings. But for Psychic Readings in Wellington I make the bookings manually so I am sure I am home.

I feel so very blessed to be able to travel and meet so many people and to enjoy the beauty of New Zealand.

I am based in Johnsonville but also travel a great deal with my spiritual readings. So I am not always in Johnsonville for Psychic Readings

I visit Tauranga, Hamilton, Napier, Auckland and smaller towns as well when I am not working as a psychic in My home region

Our country has such a beautiful spiritual energy and is so very varied that travelling is always an adventure.

This is such a gorgeous country . Photography is a hobby of mine and I grab every opportunity to capture images of the beauty which surrounds us. I try to visit a lot of different towns, which works out great as over the years I have clients and friends in many places in New Zealand.

I share my travel pictures on my social media channels for people to enjoy and people have said they travel vicariously through my journeys. I also post regularily on social media with free tarot card readings .

My Psychic readings in Wellington face to Face are one hour appointments and I make these appointments personally to fit in with my busy online schedule

Please read my reviews for my readings in Wellington and also during tours


Have a Psychic Reading in Wellington 

When I am not available for Psychic Readings in Wellington its easy now to stay in touch with my clients Being in one place is now not as important as it once was. I do tour other towns frequently and have pre booked appointments in these towns. Hamilton, Auckland, Tauranga and many smaller towns I visit yearly. In person spiritual readings are at my office or in a prearranged venue for groups

My appointments for readings in person often book out fast and after trying a waiting list and contacting lots of people and not hearing back from some for quite some time it turned into a big headache so I stopped that I open up the Bookings for my readings at home in my office when I am there and they often book out fast

With the modern technology available now I am able to work online doing email readings and also to do Psychic Phone Readings as I travel. So these are always available but sometimes booked a week or so ahead depending on how busy I am and if they don’t show it means they are fully booked.

To book online readings 

For more on Psychic Franziska’s background and training – About Psychic Readings by Franziska

For specials and offers Psychic Readings in NZ

During a reading in person in my space in Wellington, if you come to me please let me know you have arrived by text as I may be finishing up with another client . As soon as I am finished I will come and get you. I do leave spaces between my readings so this doesn’t happen .very often. I will provide details and instructions when you book.

If you have a few people together and I come to you then please do provide a quiet space for each person to have their reading in .

My room for my spiritual readings is a cozy and warm space and its private and quiet. For safety reasons I do not promote my exact directions online and provide them to each person who books. I have had people who are not booked turn up and disrupt another’s psychic reading

Before your reading see if you have questions and it can help to write them down as many people forget them when they arrive. You are welcome to record your reading on your phone . I used to tape them but that technology became obsolete

After a Psychic Reading with Franziska

Take some time to relax and process what you have heard. if you have recorded it listen to it after a couple of hours so you can process things . Remember you have free will. My readings are guidance I offer but you do choose what you want to do with the information. If I see a career opportunity for you , that doesn’t mean you have to take it or leave your job , Its an opportunity .

Often I get emails or messages from clients telling me that at the time of the reading they were not sure but then a few months later things happened as predicted . That happens a lot 

My email readings have categories but in person psychic readings in Wellington are one hour appointments and if you want to focus on love or similar please tell me

Online I have Psychic Love Readings, Email Readings, Lifepath Readings, Past Life Readings, Full readings and also some shorter readings 

Psychic Readings in wellington
best Psychic Directory Approved Wellington Psychic

How can I prepare for Psychic Reading ?

If you’re planning to have psychic reading with Me , it’s important to approach the experience with an open mind, that your own inner knowing is the most important thing. take on what is right for you. So before you see me for a reading in Wellington or during my tours .


  1. Clarify Your Intentions:
    • Reflect on why you want a psychic reading. Are you seeking guidance, closure, or general insight? Clarifying your intentions can help you focus on specific questions or areas of your life.
  2. Make sure you are comfortable
    • You can bring a friend to your reading \ if you want to
  3. Open-Minded Skepticism:
    • Approach the experience with an open mind, and maybe even record the reading on your phone so you can listen to it later. If something confuses you please ask me
  4. Prepare Questions before your face to Face Reading:
    • Think about the questions or concerns you want to address during the reading. Having specific questions can help guide the session and make it more meaningful for you. People often forget what they wanted to ask
  5. Stay Calm and Relaxed:
    • Try to stay calm and relaxed before the session. Deep breathing or meditation can help you center yourself and be more open to the experience. If you are really tense your energy is tense too and harder to connect with
  6. Choose the Right Type of Reading:
    • Psychics often specialize in different areas such as love, career, or spiritual guidance. Choose a type of reading that aligns with your needs and interests. Please mention if you want something specific covered during your private reading or generally in person 
  7. Be Open to Symbolic Interpretations:
    • Psychics often use symbols or metaphors to convey messages. Be open to different interpretations and consider how the information resonates with you.
  8. Take Notes:
    • Bring a notepad or recording device to capture key points during the reading. This can be helpful for reflecting on the information later and assessing its relevance. Phones are great and have a voice recording function
  9. Manage Expectations:
    • Understand that psychic readings are not guaranteed to provide concrete answers or predict the future with certainty. Consider the information as guidance rather than absolute truth. Also please don’t ask for lotto numbers or detailed breakdown on Crypto as far as spirit is concerned its all energy and I am not going to pull random numbers from them 
  10. Follow Your Intuition:
    • Trust your own intuition during the session. If something doesn’t feel right or resonates with you, express your concerns or seek clarification.
  11. Reflect After the Session:
    • Take some time to reflect on the information provided after the session. Consider how it aligns with your current situation and decisions you may be facing.
  12. Please contact me if you have any concerns Contact Franziska