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We are all living during strange times right now and with these free pick a card readings my aim is to encourage support and to give some insight into what is coming into your life each month.

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Pick a Card Tarot Readings for July 2024

This July looks like a time of decisions. Empowering and strong decisions which will help you towards your next steps. trust your inner guidance because its strong
tarot card for the week the empress

Tarot Card for the Week

The Empress
The Empress is a symbol of feminine power; she is watery, hard to fathom, mysterious, fertile, and sexual. She augurs a need for us to be in touch with our feminine side, to listen to our intuition, and to give priority to our emotions and passions.
Things should be going very well for you at work right now, but if they’re not then this card indicates that things will get better.
People will be inspired by your ideas, your passions, and your way of doing things. Let your inner voice guide you in how you operate. The empress directs us to follow our bliss, and that the rest will follow.
In this analytical day and age where everything seems to be quantified down to the ninth degree most workplaces reward left-brain thinking and ignore the creative right-brain side of things. As with most things there should be balance and that is also what the Empress is all about. Without creativity so much becomes merely mundane and dull
This is a very potent time for love and you may find that men and women alike are suddenly finding you far more attractive (both in terms of friendship and romance)
If you are single and are looking then this is a time when love, true love that is, could very well come your way. In fact if you are single and NOT looking then true love may seek you out anyway.
Committed relationships often become deeper, and truer under the influence of the Empress. There will be, however, a tendency to get a little carried away with the emotional side of things. The Empress energy loves the emotional side of life – it’s where she’s coming from – but there needs to be some balance.
Your intuition is be trying to send you a message during this time. It will be important to listen closely to it now and if that requires that you take time alone then do so. All those who normally call on your time and energy will have to wait for a little while. Making time alone needs to be a priority.
Also it’s a fertile time and good for conception if you are trying.

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Free Psychic Tarot Readings & Free Tutorials

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