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Psychic Reading in Wellington or Online -More details 

For a Psychic Reading Wellington – These take palace in work room :

6 Johnsonville Road

Johnsonville. Wellington 6037

These are by appointment and last about an hour.

I also visit Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, Taupo, Napier and other Towns in New Zealand
As well as online by email or by phone which can be booked online.

Your Psychic reading can be about any topic: Love, Career, Spirituality, Business , Family and any topic you request can be covered in my readings .Up to 5 questions are answered in my full readings as well as forecast for the next 12 months and a long term overview.

This can bring you practical information fresh insights to help you in your life and on your path

Please know I will not read another persons future for you, its just not right without their permission. But I can read the relationship between the two of you and where that is going and any events coming up for the two of you or the family. 

Working as a Psychic for 30 years I have grown an amazing clientele in a lot of different countries and connect with them online. I feel so blessed to connect with so many incredible people.  I am an experienced  psychic and clairvoyant, Giving accurate and detailed psychic readings. Available in person, by phone and online. Several different psychic readings are available for you to choose from:

Now available 2023 -12 Month Readings-A detailed forecast for the next year . With up to 5 questions answered

  •  Full psychic and clairvoyant readings & Short one question email readings  More on Psychic Email Readings
  •  A Psychic reading for Love, relationships and couples
  •  A Business Psychic Reading
  •  Phone readings New Zealand Only
  •  A Psychic Reading in Wellington -when not touring (Look on my Find Me page to see where I am)
  •  Twin flame and Soulmate connections are a specialty of mine and come under relationship readings. Psychic Lifepath Readings more long term direction, talents and soul purpose orientated 

What happens during a Psychic Reading by Phone ?

Psychic phone readings are handy when you require more communication in your reading but are not nearby. They are about 40 to 45 minutes long and this is usually the right amount of time for a detailed reading. Phone readings can be booked via my booking service and book out fast due to their popularity and affordable pricing.

To have a Personal Reading

To Get your Psychic Reading in Wellington I am often booked out ahead of time as I also get a lot of online bookings and only have so many hours in a day . I also work in other cities often and often my Psychic Readings in Wellington book out in a matter of days so I am sorry if I am not available right away

How do you Work ?

Spiritual Techniques and Abilities I use in a Psychic Reading

For online readings I connect with my guides and your energy. This works much like distance healing and prayer as spiritually there is no distance and no time.

Using my intuition, my Psychic abilities on my about me page and sometimes the ancient tradition of the Tarot. I am able to tune in and discover what the Universe and you guides want you to know.

My readings look at a your life and where it is heading. I want to be quite clear though that a reading is a guide and you have free will. Some things are meant to happen but how prepared we are and how we respond is up to us.

Also I give guidance as to what a your natural talents and inclinations are so that good career choices can be made and lead you to a great future doing something you enjoy.

Psychic Readings in person I usually start by doing the reading and then leave time for you to ask questions at the end. you can also stop me if you don’t understand something so I can make it easier for you to get clarity

Please know that my psychic readings are a guide but all souls have free will and make their own decisions.

What is covered in a Relationship or Love Reading?

Love and relationships are a popular topic people ask about and I look at the future and the potential of a relationship as well as the compatibility of a couple. Or when that love is likely to appear in your life. Couples readings looking at joint life projects or just where you are both going together also come under this category

See below for twin flame and Soulmate readings. You can have these readings Online , by phone or as a Psychic Reading in Wellington  or in other cities when I am touring

Read more here….

Is my Partner my Soul Mate or Twin Flame?

I am doing more and more of these readings as we are entering a time when more soul connections and twin flame reunions are occurring and this can be intense. I can look into the connection and whether it is a true twin flame connection and can advise on how to handle the intense energies. Soul mates are also pre arranged and often connect with us so we can grow together spiritually. Knowing what the purpose of a connection is can bring a couple into harmony and this leads to a good understanding of each other.

Here is a link to my Blog Post about these amazing connections: Twin Flames and Spiritual Growth

What is a Psychic Lifepath Reading ?

We all have a soul path and unique gifts and talents as well as lessons and Lifepath Readings look at this in more depth .I look at your soul purpose, your gifts and talents and also your ideal career path. Your spiritual growth and development of your spiritual gifts is also included as well as your relationships and how to really make the most of them

My Psychic Lifepath Readings are a detailed look at your life and here your path is taking you. I look at your natural gifts, talents, direction and where your unique soul path is taking you and how you can really take advantage of this to have a fantastic life. These can be online , by phone or as a Psychic Reading in Wellington

How does an online Psychic Reading work?

Its much like prayer. I focus on you and your energy and connect and your spirit guides and my guides help me to bring through the right information to you. Spiritually distance does not exist and these readings work very much like distance healing . We are all energy and all connected.

What happens in a Face to Face Psychic Reading in Wellington?

Generally my readings are in my work room in Johnsonville Wellington and I ask you to please wait I will come and get you. As I may have someone with me and can not interrupt their session. I will check for you at the time of your appointment

Find a Tarot Reading near me in Person

As well as psychic readings I also do provide tarot readings at times when requested

I try to get around New Zealand every year in summer for a tour and also in winter when I feel it is a good time. These are pre booked unless I am working at a spiritual event in which case bookings are mostly made on the day. I love connecting in person with people and have many clients I love to catch up with when I am in their town. Follow me on Face Book for my travel updates here – Facebook Psychic Readings By Franziska

What does a Business reading cover ?

Having been self employed since I was 19 and having had various businesses over the years. I have owned a market garden, a CV Service, a painting and decorating business and I had a small retail outlet for a while.  I am familiar with the challenges and concerns for people who are self employed.

Therefore I can offer my Psychic or Intuitive input as well as my practical knowledge and experience. I can offer suggestions and give advice as to how to best market your idea. I can also give you insight on whether a new business is viable and what is needed to make it a real success.

These can be a Psychic Reading in Wellington or online readings as well as by phone or in person when I tour

I also offer free Tarot Readings and spiritual Videos on You Tube

I’m choosy when it comes to psychics as a lot generalise and don’t give much detail but Franziska is a clear and accurate psychic and absolutely knows what she is talking about . I highly recommend her

Jacinda Marks

Please contact me for a Psychic Reading in Wellington

For questions and inquiries about a reading In New Zealand in Person please fill out the form. Or if you have trouble booking online

Or order online for email and phone readings here:

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Please contact me for In person Psychic readings Contact Franziska

Psychic Love and Relationship Readings

Psychic Reading in Wellington