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 Accurate Psychic Readings by Franziska- Reviews and Testimonials

Accurate Psychic Readings by Franziska – Here are some great Reviews. Recommended on Television NZ. Also tested and validated by best Psychic Directory UK

i have read for many, many people all across New Zealand over the years as well as overseas visitors . Thanks to technology I have an established International clientele as well and some have become close friends over the years.

My own spiritual growth over the last 30 years has been an amazing journey and I am so happy to be able to share with others. My clairvoyance has strengthened over the years allowing me to describe the visual cues I receive from spirit.

Read more about my journey here on my About Psychic Readings NZ

I love watching people thrive and really make the most out of their lives, talents and opportunities. Its so exciting to catch up and see how people are doing.

I do not publish my clients full names and details as a psychic reading is a private matter and confidentiality is important to me. I read for some well known people and I am sure they would not want me to publish the fact that they have sought my advice. Or anyone for that matter. The reviews below are from my public reviews and the person has permitted the use of it.

Please read my reviews and you will be able to decide yourself whether I am the best Psychic for you. Trust your feelings and you will choose a person who is right for you.

For Accurate Psychic Readings in NZ and Internationally

My Facebook page www.facebook.com/byfranziska has more reviews as well as free reveals and forecasts for the week.

Please read my Privacy Policy for reassurance on confidentiality on my Privacy Page for Psychic Readings in NZ


“What a beautiful reading. Fran was spot on with about where my life is at right now. Clear and concise. Her guidance from spirit about my future is very detailed and I am impressed I have had readings before from very expensive psychics charging hundreds of dollars but this reading was affordable and had so much information for me. A very Accurate talented lady and I highly recommend her” Sandra Bassinger -Auckland

I had a wonderful reading with Franziska in person. She really helped me and answered my questions very well

Matthias Jensen – 2/5/2023

What an incredible service. I highly recommend Fran for a reading. Firstly it’s an absolute deal. My questions were all covered and the reading was so relevant and accurate to my life and where I am at and where I need to be putting (and not putting) my energy. Felt like I was receiving a spiritual hug reading my messages through her. Fran will definitely be my go-to for reassurance and guidance via readings. Suzy 24.4.2023

“I had my first email reading and was blown away with it. The words resonated with me on a deep level. I have been given a burst of hope for the future. I’ll definitely be doing it again when I need a steer in the right direction. Highly recommend Franziska!” – Lisa. 3/09/2022

Franziska has helped me to both heal and move forward in my life. She guided me to the right people to help me with my health problems and also to see that I do have a bright future and my life can be whole and solid again. her advice and caring have been absolutely priceless , yet she is very affordable

Karen Summers – California

“Franziska is the best psychic I have been to Thank you for all your guidance over the last few years . I feel like you helped me build my dream with your clarity and unwavering encouragement. I really appreciate it and would like you to come to OZ has there are a lot of people who would like to meet you.”

Feeling grateful Ben Jackson

“The detail was uncanny and I am very grateful for the kindness with which Franziska passes on her wisdom. She answered questions I didn’t even ask .”

Annette wager


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I am listed on Bob Olsons Best Psychic Directory website ( I still only work for myself this is just a listing). This was a two year process where he carefully vetted my service, website and integrity.

Top 100 Psychic Blog Awards

These are another wonderful acknowledgement of all the hours I spend creating free content.

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Accurate Psychic readings

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A Reading I did at one of my venues when touring  for Marc Ellis, which was on Television New Zealand 

Testimonials for Accurate Psychic Readings by Franziska

This lovely lady is so spiritually led. The reading is absolutely 100% accurate. A true conduit for spirit in Franziska. If you are feeling the need for some guidance or just acknowledgement of what you already feel, Franziska is completes her readings with love and guidance. A truly beautiful soul. Thank you Franziska x

Imagine Forever ( Site Name)

Imagine Forever

Today I received my first email reading with Fran. I am so thrilled with the reading. Thank you. I have had so much positive insight into my future. This has provided clarity and confidence going forward. Fran mentioned certain aspects of my career which I had only just begun to have thoughts about a new business venture. I have also been reassured in regards to my son. I am going to treasure this reading Fran and I will come back for another forecast again in future. A mature, compassionate and caring soul, thank you Fran.
Kind regards,
Cosette & Liam xx

Wow thank you that was one very detailed Psychic Reading, That was spot on and really inspiring. the detail is amazing and you describe me better than a lot of my friends. Thank you I now know what I need to do

Angela Thurston
University Tutor

My Email Reading was simply a delight, providing clarity and understanding in different areas for this year ahead and containing some real surprises, challenges and potential through-out; also to prepare for another step in my ongoing growing spiritual development. ​

I am so pleased and highly recommend you to all Seekers requiring that bite of encouragement that we all need from time-to-time in these days of immense change.​

Warmest Regards,​
Sam Sadlier

An truly amazing lady! To be honest, before I decided to ask Fran to do my reading, I looked at a few Psychic’s photo and felt Fran’s energy being really pure and warm without any negative energy. I was truly amazed by her reading. Very accurate and thanks for guiding me along my journey! Highly recommend!!


Testimonials for Psychic Franziska

”I just had my first email reading with Franziska. She delivered a very healing and insightful reading. I am so glad I found her. My questions had been going around and around in my head for nearly 10years. My reading was amazing! Wish I had done it long before. I’m reading her email reading again and again. It’s very healing for me. She knows me deeply. I felt safe and warm. I am feeling so much better and I am excited about my life! She is a truly beautiful soul! Highly recommended! Thank you so much. ” Kay


Thank you so much Franziska. I really appreciated the reading you have given me. The direction and accuracy means alot. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to get a reading. Thank you again. Take care 🙂


Amazing service. Fran was very professional with the entire transaction, and the life path reading she did for me was spot on. She spoke about thoughts I had only ever had in my own mind and has given me the guidance I needed. I can’t wait to have another one when I need it. Thank you!


Franziska is the best psychic I have been to Thank you for all your guidance over the last few years . I feel like you helped me build my dream with your clarity and unwavering encouragement. I really appreciate it and would like you to come to OZ has there are a lot of people who would like to meet you. her readings are truly the most Accurate Psychic Readings


Ben Jackson
SEO, Australian Travelling Roadshow LTD

Franziska was recommended to me by friends and I am so glad I found her. She is genuine, real and full of wisdom.A real true blue Clairvoyant. My questions had been going around and around in my head and now I have the answers I needed. Her email readings are well laid out with time frames and go into great detail. She also knew my dog had passed and that he is happy and at peace. Thank you I will definitely be back I highly recommend Franziska

Marianne Steiger
Psychologist, Self employed

Wow Franziska is so accurate I had to do another review. I was feeling a bit lost after a venture I had started did not work out . But having the understanding of what happened , why and that better things are around the corner and to stay positive has given me such a boost. I have already had a very good business offer so all is going according to plan. Wonderful I highly recommend Franziska after having an email reading, an in person and a business reading over the last two years.

Benjamin Green/ Restaurant Owner

OMG you were so spot on about my job it was amazing. Franziska has been reading for me for some years and never fails to amaze me.I highly recommend her to anyone wanting answers which are clear and honest. She has compassion and some really special talents. Thank you so much********.

Retail manager

I had a reading from Franziska recently and oh my life it was totally amazing 🙂 full of positivity and happiness and successful guidance and help . I have been so happy and positive since and im looking forward to my exciting journey ahead. Can not thank you enough and very highly recommended to all , blessings to u Franziska


I have had 2 readings with Fraziska and she is very clear, perceptive and caring. Her readings are very affirming and useful. I am grateful she chooses to share her clairvoyant gifts. She saves time and after my last reading I have all clarity in how to move ahead in my start up business.


Absolutely the best reading I have ever had. Clear, detailed and easy to understand. You are truly inspired and have helped me gain clarity on many areas of my life. I absolutely highly recommend Franziska if you want an honest and caring reading. The way you get into detail is great and the way you structure the reading makes it easy to follow Thank you once again

Annette Wager

I am absolutely delighted with my reading. So spot on and detailed. I highly recommend Franziska. She is real, goes into detail and gives a full forecast. It covered everything I wanted to know and more than I had even thought of.What a top class Clairvoyant. Brilliant Thank you

Owner, JR Plumbing

Thank you for your lovely reading Franziska, you have so much wisdom and compassion and it really shines through in your readings. Your guidance & encouragement are really appreciated. You use your gift in a beautiful way. Thank you for your help. Sandy

Great reading from Fran, and also answered a few other questions I had post reading. Accurate and very inspirational. Thank you.


Thank you, Fran for very detailed reading! What you did tell me, it was happened and I could prepare well. Thank you very much for your advice as well. I am very excited my new life in a small town ?? I am really appreciate You


  • Always on point. You just never have any doubts about the information given. Always left feeling enlightened and hopeful.

  • Anita Edwards

    This was my first reading like this and I appreciated Franziska's clear boundaries around what she can and can't read/see. The 12 month report is very comprehensive and it's great to have it in writing to be able to gain more from each time I read it, there is a lot to take in. My questions were answered with clarity and it's given me a lot to think about. Thanks!

  • Janine Samson

    Psychic Franziska was recommended to me and im blown away. She answered my questions before i asked them and knew me better than my friends. A very helpful guide and i feel very clear certain and on track. I highly recommend this fantastic lady. I will be back when i nerd more guidance. I also love how my reading was broken down into time frames. Very affordable for this high level of psychic reading

  • Arabella Jones

    That was such a detailed psychic reading. I highly recommend Franziska. She is professional and explains everything so well. I loved meeting her while I was in Wellington and will be back. A clear and inspired reading and my mind is at peace

  • Kristina Paehua

    Amazing reading - detailed and very on to it perspective. Things said that weren't general and obvious - no one would truly know about but myself. I look forward to seeing how the next year pans out. Thank you Franziska for sharing with me. Like

  • Brooke Alderton

    Today I booked an email reading to be done by Franziska and I am absolutely flabbergasted with what she spoke about. The last few months have been a real test for myself, I lost my first born baby and I really needed that guidance in my life. Earlier in life I also lost my father so when Franziska said that the older one is helping the younger one adjust to the afterlife I immediately knew my father & son were together. Thank you Franziska, I will be back when I’m feeling I need a booster in life. Brooke

  • Kelly Joyce

    A great reading. It made my cry but in a happy way. What a talented lady . I highly recommend her readings. So detailed and easy to understand. I will be back