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7 Tips to tune into your Spirit Guides

Here are 7 Tips to tune into your Spirit Guides, strengthening your connection with your spirit guides and tuning into your spiritual guidance can be a deeply fulfilling and transformative journey. Here are seven ways to help you do just that.We are all spiritual beings having a human experience and we all have intuition and the ability to communicate with our guides. The key is trust and also finding calm and peaceful times so you can hear or perceive the information.Children often see their guides and will sometimes talk about them but many people lose that ability as their lives get busy


Regular meditation is one of the most effective ways to quiet your mind, raise your spiritual awareness, and connect with your spirit guides. Create a peaceful space, focus on your breath, and open yourself to receiving guidance.Or you can join a class there are classes in most towns and also some guided meditation recordings you can get online. All of this should help you to tune into your spirit guides.

Journaling and Automatic Writing:

Journaling and also trying automatic writing can help you to tune deeper into your guides. Automatic writing is when you write with your non dominant hand and just let it flow and see what shows up. Keep a journal to record your thoughts, feelings, and any intuitive messages or insights you receive during meditation or throughout the day. This can help you recognize patterns and messages from your spirit guides over time. Also, any signs you receive

Mindfulness and being in the Present Moment:

Practice mindfulness throughout your day. Pay attention to your surroundings, thoughts, and feelings. Your spirit guides may communicate through signs, synchronicities, or intuitive nudges that you’ll notice when you’re present in the moment. I often find feathers when I am working through something and also seeing repeating numbers like 11;11 22;22 are confirmation from your guides

Visualization and Guided Meditation will help You to tune into Your Spirit Guides:

Visualize yourself surrounded by a circle of light and protection. Imagine reaching out to your spirit guides and inviting them to communicate with you. Visualizations can be a powerful way to establish a connection.There are also some good, guided meditations which will take you on a journey to meet a guide. This will allow you to strengthen your connection and allow you to tune into your spirit guides.

Oracle Cards or Tarot:

Consider using oracle cards or Tarot cards for guidance. These cards can provide symbolic messages from your spirit guides, helping you interpret their guidance more clearly.There are many decks from Angel cards, animal guides and so many more as well as the more traditional tarot.I just wrote an article here on my blog on reading the Tarot Intuitively

Nature Connection:

Spend time in nature to ground yourself and connect with the spiritual energies of the Earth. Nature often provides a calm and peaceful backdrop for receiving guidance from your spirit guides. Just sit in nature and listen to the sounds and allow your mind to slow down and you will feel a much clearer connection to your spirit guides

Affirmations and staying Positive:Use affirmations to affirm your intention to connect with your spirit guides. Repeating positive statements can help raise your vibration and attract their presence.Also joining other people in a group or online can help and allow you to share what you are receiving which will strengthen your connection

Remember, developing a strong connection with your spirit guides takes time and patience. Be open, receptive, and trust the process. It’s also essential to trust your intuition and inner guidance as you work on strengthening your spiritual connection.


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