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As a New Zealand Psychic I am based in Wellington and work there, but also tour to other centers. I love to travel in our beautiful country so I am away a lot but this also allows me to catch up with my regular clients all over New Zealand for psychic readings and coaching sessions. . Spirituality is as natural as breathing to me and I love empowering others to develop their gifts. As of writing this I am 51 years old and can relate to a lot of peoples life situations .

I have worked as a Psychic and healer for 29 years and travel and tour a great deal to make it easy to connect with my clients. The online technology has also made this easier for me.

My training and study to become a full time Psychic 

Spiritual Counselling.

Holistic Life Coaching.

Shamanic Journeying and Soul Retrieval.

Energy Healing and chakra balancing.


Guided Meditation training.

Intuitive and Psychic Training.

Sound Healing,Relationship Healing.

There was also the great experience of training  in energy healing with Colin Lambert. Here is a link to his work as he has passed on now:  http://magnetichealers.org.nz/ .  He was an amazing person and still full of energy when I met him in his 70s.

I always felt peoples feelings and energies and found that hard as a child. It was later, in my twenties,  that I embraced what could not be avoided. My true nature and soul expression.

I am a pretty grounded and practical person and love nature and also learning new skills all the time. When I am not working as a psychic I love photography and making videos for my You Tube Channel.

I also work online while touring as todays technology makes this very easy for me now.

My life has been centred around working as a healer and psychic as well as meditation teacher and Soul Coach for 29 years. My work is my full time occupation. I try not to connect into the astral realm but to go into the higher purer realms as there is less earthbound vibration there.

The Beginning of embracing my Spirituality

Life started for me with spiritual parents and was encouraged to develop my spiritual gifts from a young age.

Loving what I do and enjoying seeing people smile when they leave, feeling peaceful and clear gives me great satisfaction.

My life has been about actively working as a healer and psychic for 29 years and would not change this life for anything.

After travelling halfway around the world to live in new Zealand with my family when I was 11. I ended up exactly where I needed to be for my own growth and awakening.

My  two sons are now grown and I had a market garden while they were children. Which was a wonderful lifestyle at that point as i was at home all the time. As you can see below my studies and training have been extensive.

 My Natural Psychic Abilities

Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, intuition, claircogniance are all a part of my readings. of course not all at the same time and sometimes one comes through stronger than another ability.

Here is an article I have linked to explain these a bit more if you are curious: List of Psychic Abilities.

I also saw energies and a lot of spirit animals which I loved and  played with as a child. Nature is where my soul  likes to be to re charge.

My father sent me a couple for a reading when I was 17 which scared me at the time and lead me to avoid my spiritual path for a while as a teenager.

Allowing my Clairvoyance  to come to the Surface  

I experienced an intense growth time while living in the Marlborough sounds. Receiving Spiritual messages and guidance with a lot of clairvoyant and visual experiences. Which taught me about reading energies and seeing some pretty amazing things.

There were quite strong paranormal energies there and some potent energy centers or vortexes. This really advanced my metaphysical growth and taught me some new techniques.

And it was not just me. I had friends come and stay who experienced some of these too.

Working and living as a New Zealand Psychic

After that I drawn to healing and worked at a healing center I started with a friend in Motueka. Mostly as as an energy healer and Intuitive and I received messages during my healing’s for people. I also saw energy blockages where there were shadows rather than clear colours.

Dynamic Life and Soul coaching is something I love to do to empower and help people find their passion and strength of purpose and direction. This is something I want to do more in the future.

Once I started travelling my more singularly focused time as a Psychic started, which brings me great joy and satisfaction and connects me to many people all around the world now.

Online Spiritual Readings :

Read about the different readings I offer on my Psychic Readings page .There are different readings for different situations and I am also happy to focus on a subject you suggest.

Go to my psychic readings page for details

Or for Bookings Go to My Contact Me Page


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Have had 2 readings from Fran so far and both spot on. Highly recommended if you are looking for some guidance. Thanks so very much Fran <3


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