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A warm welcome to Psychic Readings in NZ. My name is Franziska Intuitive ( Fran). I am a Wellington, New Zealand based Psychic Clairvoyant with an International Clientele and 30 years experience. My psychic readings are available via email, phone or in person in New Zealand towns when I tour. Approved and vetted by Best Psychic Directory which is a thorough process to find accurate Psychics and Mediums.  I am available in person by appointment in Johnsonville and surrounding areas.

Imagine creating the life you always dreamed of. My Psychic Readings can offer you clarity and the ability to make the right decisionsI’ve been reading for people for 30 plus years and I’m a professional reader and psychic. I’d love to help with your questions.

I can help you gain clarity by connecting to my intuition and spirit to give you answers, guidance and peace of mind. Questions are welcome

During a Psychic Reading I can look into:

-Your love life and relationships & also couples readings are available
-Where your career is taking you
-How to improve your energy and well being
-Where your financial future is going
-Any family worries or disputes
-Insight into your spiritual path
-Your business or anything You would like to ask about

Psychic Readings in New Zealand and Internationally- Wellington based 

Level 1 , 6 Johnsonville Rd , Johnsonville. Wellington 6037

Franziska provides accurate psychic readings, coaching, tarot card readings. 

I have available email readings, psychic phone readings and face to face clairvoyant readings in New Zealand by appointment . Please contact me via my form here or simply book via my booking service using the button above, past life readings, love and couples readings and also soul mate and twin flame psychic readings , business readings and more . I also have some short and very affordable email readings available for one or three questions. These short readings are not available in person in New Zealand 

Specials, Offers and Updates

During all the changes in the world in recent times and the pressures on people I have been running specials to make my services more reachable for everyone My specials are for the email readings not for face to face readings in Wellington and when I am touring which are $100

A  detailed 12 Month Psychic Reading. Special $58 down from $65. Find out what is in store for coming Year

A full and detailed psychic email reading for the coming year , broken into bimonthly sections and also with five questions answered in detail. These can be about love, career , relationships, your gifts and talents or whatever is on your mind right now. These are very popular as they are a thorough look into the coming year .My booking service can help you to book these or contact me if you have trouble with it.

Urgent Email Readings

These readings are for people who urgently need a reading and cant wait . You can also have a regular reading but let me know if that is what you would. I make two or three of these available each week like you can send up to 5 questions $80 – Please note these are for the day you book for in my booking service

New: Discover More about Yourself through Past Life Readings

Past life readings are psychic readings and are something people often ask about so I decided to offer a specific reading for this. Read more here about my new service Past Life Readings $80

(New) 3 Question Psychic Email Reading

By Email $50

A detailed answer to 3 questions 

For my Free Monthly Tarot You Tube readings-

as well as my weekly Free Tarot Card reveal visit my page –Free Tarot 

PayPal Payments

You do not have to have a PayPal account to use PayPal You can check out as guest and turn off the slider button on the payment form which asks you to create an account. You can pay by credit or debit card without  a PayPal account. They seem to have added that join button but if you slide it to the off position it proceeds to let you check out as guest and not to create an account

Gift Vouchers 

Gift Vouchers for online Psychic Readings 

Gift vouchers are a lovely gift for people who are curious, are experiencing struggles, are spiritually growing or are just in need of some guidance My gift vouchers for my psychic readings can be purchased on my website, and sent either to You or direct to the person who is receiving it. These can be redeemed directly via my booking service Timely by the recipient of the voucher when they are booking an appointment

Please note, Please pay attention to the date you book for with online readings . I will be doing your reading at that time. Email readings do not require you to be available as they don’t involve calls. If I have your questions (optional), photo and date of birth I have all I need for psychic email readings.

When I am touring with Psychic readings in NZ  ( which I do often as I have clients all over New Zealand) I have more email readings available due to reception issues with my phone and my internet not being solid enough for skype but emails I can always get sent out no matter what and I can guarantee that

My psychic readings at My office are available when I am home

Email Readings 

You will receive Your reading on the date booked for by email and will also receive a PDF of your reading to download >more on Email Readings

Ordering Psychic Readings Online

My online scheduling system is by Timely Scheduling and you can choose a time . type of reading etc. This is for remote ( email and phone readings for face to face sessions please contact me) Payments are processed by PayPal and you can use the pay as Guest with Credit Card Option If you have any trouble please contact me and I will send you my bank details ( New Zealand only

Face to Face Psychic readings in NZ  and Wellington

For face to face readings please contact me as I travel a lot to see clients in different towns. My fee is $100 for a face to face readings. They are all full readings and I do not do short readings in person . In the modern age being in one place is no longer essential and technology and a country wide customer base does have me travelling a lot. When I am home I work from Johnsonville but not my home I have a room separate for my appointments . Psychic Readings in Wellington page


To see more reviews –Testimonials


I have been around for a while, but Franziska really rock my boat. I went for allot of readings and truly said She astonished me with her reading. I could felt the compassion in every word she written. I can just say Wow she is the most blessed psychic that ever crossed my path. Many blessings

Hannes Duvenhage

“Undoubtedly the best psychic I have been to. That was such a detailed psychic reading. I highly recommend Franziska. She is professional and explains everything so well. I loved meeting her while I was in Wellington and will be back A clear and inspired reading and my mind is at peace.

Arabella Jones

​“Today I received my first email reading with Fran. I am so thrilled with the reading. Thank you. I have had so much positive insight into my future. This has provided clarity and confidence going forward. Fran mentioned certain aspects of my career which I had only just begun to have thoughts about a new business venture. I have also been reassured in regards to my son. I am going to treasure this reading Fran and I will come back for another forecast again in future. A mature, compassionate and caring soul, thank you Fran.”

Cosette and Liam

Full Psychic Readings

Full Clairvoyant Readings  $75 NZD by email

For email readings please send me a photo as it really does make for a better connection.

These are long in depth readings covering love, career, challenges, opportunities, talents, spirituality and more. I give a detailed 12 months outlook and a long term forecast. You are welcome to send me up to 5 questions.

Psychic Love Reading

Love and Relationship Readings


Psychic Love readings look at your current relations, future relationships, and will bring you clarity about your relationships and where they are heading

Also couples readings are an option where both parties ask me to look at their relationship.

Couples readings in person are $140 and take one and a half hours

Read more Psychic Love Readings 

 Business Readings

Clairvoyant Business Readings $75

(in person or online)

Business Readings: For new and established businesses or if you want to see if your idea is likely to succeed. I look at problems, solutions and give a forecast for how the business will perform in person and online .

I have been self employed since I was 19 and had several businesses so I have a good knowledge of the factors involved. Questions are welcome.

phone reading

Phone Readings in NZ

For more dialogue and questions these can be on  any topic or more general.50-60 minutes  $100

These can be personal, relationship or business readings.

 Phone Readings read more

These book out fast if none show in the calendar I am booked out for phone readings. Available in NZ Only

Psychic 2021 Readings . 12 month readings

12 Month In depth Readings

A detailed 12 Month Reading $65

Special $58

By Email these are similar to my full readings but are more focused on this coming year rather than the long term.

It is a full 12 month clairvoyant reading .These are broken up into 2 monthly segments and I will answer five questions.

Lifepath readings

Life Path Readings

$75 – ($65 Special)

(in person or online)

These are readings looking at your life path, direction, talents and abilities. I will look at your spiritual development, career , your gifts and direction. These life path readings are about abilities, gifts, skills and also anything you need to know about your direction .I will answer one or two life path based questions as well.

 Short Readings

One Question Short Readings by Email $38

Short readings answering one question in detail. Please be specific for these.

These are for that one burning question or if you have had a full reading and have another question some time after but too soon for another full reading

Life Coaching

Coaching and Personal Mentoring

Read more about this on the dedicated page:  Coaching and mentoring

In person in New Zealand or by phone

I have trained as a life coach and can help people with their direction, blocks and to find their path with dynamic coaching techniques.

Past life readings

Past Life Readings

By Email $80

A look at your most important Past lives and how they affect you now. The talents and abilities you have brought forward and also the past life connections in your life now

More here – Past Life Readings


urgent email readings

Urgent Email Readings

By Email $80

I make a few urgent email readings available online  each week . I was getting requests for these so have included them now. They do book out fast so if none show these urgent readings have already booked out. They are focused on what is foremost on your mind  right now and where that is going, If you would rather have a regular full reading with a forecast please let me know .You can send up to 5 questions .

3 question reading by email

(New) 3 Question Email Reading

By Email $50

A detailed answer to 3 questions by email. I have had quite a few requests for a 3 questions reading so I have added them

face to face readings new zealand

Face to Face Readings in New Zealand 


These readings will cover any of my readings . They are for one hour and must be booked by contacting me as I tour a lot with my work and am not always available in Johnsonville

Please check my Page for Wellington Bookings to see if I am touring 


Please check  my Find Me page  to see if I am in Johnsonville currently Find Me

Fluent Form Psychic Franziska

Review for Psychic Readings by Franziska by Marc Ellis on Television New Zealand

Watch a great review for a Reading by me for Marc Ellis, which was on Television New Zealand .Marc Ellis was a Sports Personality and also hosted a television show and this was recorded when I travelled the country in Auckland some time ago He kindly gave me a lovely review


How a Psychic Reading with me Works

Working for many years as an International  and New Zealand  Psychic medium and healer I absolutely love offering guidance and peace of mind to people. The rewards of seeing people feel confident and at peace are wonderful.  I look at love, spirituality and your gifts, career, money, family ,health or any topic you ask for. My commitment is to be there for you. Some of the gifts I use during a reading are Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Intuition and a direct connection to source.

Reviews and Testimonials for my click > Psychic Franziska’s Reviews

A little about my Readings

I have been offering Readings in New Zealand for 30 years and also work Internationally with clients. I was vetted and approved by best Psychic Directory which is a lengthy process and is an international site of the best Mediums, and Clairvoyants globally I use clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience , to connect with my spirit guides and I also use my spiritual ability to connect with universal wisdom and source.

How do I book a Reading ?

My booking page explains the process of bookings in a great deal of detail: click > Bookings.

You can hook via Timely Bookings by clicking the button for online and phone readings and for in person Psychic Readings in NZ please contact me. To book Johnsonville readings see below

For Personal Appointments Face to Face for Psychic Readings in New Zealand

Please contact me for face to face readings in  New Zealand as I book these personally. A face to face reading takes place in my room in Johnsonville, Wellington or in other towns when I go on tour. Every year I visit Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton and other smaller towns .

Which Type of  Reading should I choose?

I get asked often what the difference between the 12 month readings and the full readings is. The full readings have a long term forecast as well for your life and your long term future

Psychic Readings in person- are more interactive and are great when you have a lot of questions

Love and relationships- Psychic Love Readings
Career and career direction- Full Readings
Natural talents and gifts- Lifepath Readings

Family Relationships- Full  Readings
How to improve your energy levels and well being- Full readings
Your spiritual path and development- Lifepath Readings
Life purpose – Lifepath Readings
Your business and finances- Business readings

A look at your life overall- Full Psychic Readings

Past Life memories or unexplained fears – Past life Readings

Karmic connections- Past Life Readings
I can give you peace of mind and a clearer understanding of the future and how you can best respond to life events . You will have a stronger sense of certainty and direction

Read more here:  Types of Psychic Readings

What do Love and Relationship Readings look at ?

My spiritual love readings have always been popular and it is an area of life people often ask for clarity on. Is he/she right for me? , will we stay together?, Will I meet  someone soon? I can also do a thorough compatibility analysis to lead to a greater understanding for the couple. We communicate somewhat differently often and being aware of that can lead you to greater understanding of a partner.

Twin Flame and Soul Mate connections are becoming more widespread and knowing what you have come together to work on or do makes the growth of the relationship a lot faster and clearer. See more here on this page: Love and relationship Readings

For my Location Visit Psychic Readings in Wellington

What is required for a Psychic Email Reading?

How do Psychic Email Readings Work? I am often asked how do email readings work and its much like prayer or healing. Spirit and energy are not limited by distance or proximity . Read more about this on my page about email readings I only need your name, phone number and and a note in the first text field in Timely bookings. For psychic readings in NZ in person you obviously don’t need to send me all this Your first name, Date of birth, Gender ( for unusual names)A Photo please ( It really helps with the connection) Readings by email or phone can be booked online or I can book manually for you if you have problems booking through the service. fran@psychicfranziska.com More on Email readings here

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