the four tarot suits

 The Four Tarot Card Suits and their Meanings

The Tarot deck has four suits in the minor arcana and the court cards, each has a different meaning and energy. The Four Tarot Card Suits

Fire , water, earth and air just like the signs in astrology and they are also connected as you will see. The prominent energy of a suit and a card will affect the reading and also show vibrance, steadiness, mental energy and emotion or feeling. A knight of cups and the knight of pentacles have quite different characteristics. Pentacles is about focus, work and achievement while wands is more about passion and adventure.

The aces are the absolute and intense interpretation of each suit.

The Four Tarot Card Suits

Fire: The Suit of Wands

The Tarot suit of wands aligns with the element of fire. And, just as fire conveys heat, passion, ignition and consumption – so too does the suit of wands. Creative sparks, spiritual passion and social vitality are all key messages from this suit. When connecting the element of fire to the suit of wands, ask yourself “What lights my fire?” in relation to the wand cards pulled in a reading. This suit indicates a lot of energy and passion coming in for a project, relationship, interest or topic Wand cards also symbolize creativity, intelligence, strength, growth, will and primal energy in the four tarot suits . They may also symbolize career path, and may stand for what is truly important to a person’s inner self.. Astrology- Leo, Aries and Sagittarius

Earth: The Suit of Pentacles

The earth element in the four tarot suits helps us in understanding Tarot suits of pentacles because it’s a grounding energy. This energy and suit deal with matter. Material concepts such as the body, home, money and physical things all fall under this element/suit. Consider the tactile nature of the suit. Things you can feel, taste, touch and experience are all dancing in these cards. This also points to dedicated focus and work to bring a project to completion. Material abundance is also indicated so it is a positive financial sign. Pentacles can also stand for material possessions, trade, commerce, industry, finances, security and industry. Astrology- Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Air: The Suit of Swords

Mental energy and force are often indicated by swords. Intellectual reasoning and logic.  The swords point a sharp tip to our fears, worries and doubts (which are negative thoughts practiced habitually). The double-edged sword is akin to the dual nature of the mind.  There is a often a bit of a balancing act involved to stay positive and with a positive attitude swords can overcome barriers with the sharp and clear focus of the mind. Astrology- Swords relate to consciousness at a mental level, where thoughts and intellectual pursuits begin. Within the The Four Tarot Card Suits ,Swords tend to reflect the mind present within an individual’s actions, thoughts, beliefs and overall attitude. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Water: The Suit of Cups

Our emotions and intuitions are the same way. Our intuition runs far deeper than what is perceived. Our emotions run just as deep. There is no denying our emotions, and there is not stopping the running will of water. When working with the suit of cups, consider these associations with the element of water. Ask yourself what emotions run deeply within you, and how does your intuition flow through your life when pulling cup cards in your readings. Cups often show up in relationship to intuition, love and family matters. Cups are also associated with love, feelings, decisions and emotions. They also have to do with sensitivity and relationships, and the overall emotional aspects of consciousness. Astrology- Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio

Each tarot card has its own meaning and the elements strengthen and enhance the energy into the direction of fire, water ,earth and air. Astrology can also offer more information on the the elements and their interpretations.

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The Four Tarot Card Suits is a good place to really start tp understand the energy of the cards

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