Psychic Prediction 2021


Psychic Prediction 2021

Psychic Prediction 2021 – I have held back a bit as its been a bit of a crazy time world wide. The coming year will still have a lot going on and I see people as being cautious due to the events going on around them.

Many people will make big changes in 2021 and will look at ways to to work independently and online. So even though things are unpredictable I see a lot of small business springing up.

Lifestyle in 2021

I am seeing people look more at lifestyle and balance and wanting to have more time for the people they love and the things they enjoy. I see a whole segment of the population become much more independent and self reliant.

There will also be people who will be afraid of what is happening and will be in a state of fear but will realize over time that this is not helping them and I feel at  a deep and transformative level many people will wake up and realize FEAR is really false evidence appearing real and they will start to find more inner peace and trust that they will be safe.

What I see in  Psychic Prediction for 2021Travel 

Many people will still want to travel but I see that as being quite challenging. I don’t see a huge cure but people will get more creative and will travel more in their own countries. So motor homing and camping will rise a great deal in popularity. So I am seeing a lot of growth in that area. Foreign travel will be very expensive for quite some time and will be something people do when they need to or if they are wealthy. Having your own cooking facilities etc. will make motor homes very popular.

I do feel the border systems will get better and make it a bit easier but I am still seeing it as costly.

The Law of Attraction in 2021

The law of attraction will become a really big topic in 2021 as people work at keeping their thoughts on track with what they want to attract in their lives. That does not mean being critical of yourself if you have  a fear though but to lovingly let it go and replace it with something more positive.

We are living in a time of Awakening

 In my Psychic Prediction for 2021 the vibration is speeding up and many people will feel more Intuitive and spiritually connected. They will have thoughts and knowing without knowing where this comes from and more and more people will listen to the inner knowing and the guidance of their higher self.

 Your senses will be stronger as you awaken and things will seem to have more presence and be brighter. You may have a different perception of time or, you might say, a shift in time orientation. In wakefulness, the past and the future become much less important, and the present becomes more important. Awakened individuals spend much less time recalling past experiences.

Repeating numbers will be seen by many such as 11:11 22:22 22:44 and many variations. If these intrigue you go to Joanne’s Sacred scribes Website for some meanings of these number. In a general sense they are all a big high five from the universe that you are on the right track.

Sensitivity in 2021

Many souls will feel extra sensitive and may need to take time to self nurture. If you feel like that make sure you take some time for you. Go into nature have  a bath , relax. Also meditation will become more popular. For sensitive people not consuming too much of the news is important as the media does like to make things dramatic as view sell advertising. So keep that in mind and switch that off more often if its affecting you. I have  a look on google a very few days and that’s about it 

 Many Empathic people may find the tension a bit overwhelming so if you feel like that make you a priority and try and do something positive to counteract it. 


I really don’t like to discuss this subject but I have had a few people from the media ask for my views which I didn’t share with them. But I am feeling there will be division and tension continuing for the first 4 months of the year. But I also feel people will decide not to fight about it anymore as it will not solve anything. Some will continue to argue it out on social media as well some people like conflict but may will decide its not a good use of their time and I do feel that will calm down apart form some hard core people.

I do see a big change as people will start to expect more from the people who they have voted in . 

Big Releases of Things Hidden in 2021

Due to the internet being nearly every where there will be more and more information being released in 2021. I am seeing lots and lots of information. It may seem mind boggling but its positive as its a big clearing, There will be secrets uncovered and also new technologies made public slowly and I feel the time is right for that.

The Time of putting People on Pedestals is Past

This is a huge move I am seeing. As more and more is uncovered about the famous and well known and their flaws and mistakes they make many will start to see them just as people and will stop thinking of them as better than. This will be a new era of equality and also self empowerment. And more people will start to look at people who are doing wonderful things for humanity more than people who well are just famous .

Empathy and Compassion
I feel there will be more empathy and compassion associated with spiritual awakening. When we’re connected to other beings — animals and the natural world as well as human beings — we’re able to sense what they’re experiencing, to feel what they’re feeling. If they’re suffering, we sense it and feel the impulse to comfort them or try to alleviate their pain. We’re touched by other people’s pain because there’s no separation between our being and theirs.


In such a general prediction I have to stay more general but for a more personal prediction a Psychic reading can be ordered on my website

 if you are ready to go for some new goals but feel obligated not to make changes in this article I have some tips on how to let go of guilt and do what you are here to do


Most of all I want to wish you all a wonderful 2021 and may You and your loved ones thrive in this changing world







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