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Soul Mates and Twin Flames, What is the Difference?


I am often asked what are Soul Mates and Twin Flames, What is the Difference? How can I tell?. There are some differences and i will try to explain them in this article. But please don,t ever think soul mates are less important than twin flames. 

And since its valentines day soon its a great time to blog about this subject

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What are Soulmates?

Connection: Soulmates are believed to be individuals with whom you share a deep and meaningful connection on a soul level.
Purpose: The purpose of a soulmate relationship is often seen as personal growth, mutual support, and learning life lessons together.
Some people  can have multiple soulmates in their lifetime, such as friends, family members, or romantic partners.

There is often a sense of mutual understanding and acceptance between soulmates. They may feel comfortable being their authentic selves around each other.

Soulmates are thought to share a deep and meaningful connection that goes beyond the superficial aspects of a relationship. This connection may feel innate and timeless.

Soulmates have similar values, beliefs, and life goals. The alignment of these core aspects contributes to the sense of connection and compatibility.

Purposeful Relationship: Soulmate relationships have a purpose beyond simple companionship. It may involve personal growth, mutual support, and the opportunity to learn important life lessons.

Soulmates can manifest in various forms, not limited to romantic partners. They can be friends, family members, or even mentors who play significant roles in one’s life journey.

What are Twin Flames?

Twin flames are real mirrors and from the same soul stream and reflect and mirror each other as both parties have sthe same things to learn and to experience . The connection is often described as intense and spiritually significant.
 The purpose of a twin flame relationship is profound spiritual and personal transformation, aiming to bring about self-realization and enlightenment.
Each person has only one twin flame.

The Twin Flame connection is often more intense compared to that of soulmates. Here are some characteristics often associated with twin flame connections

If you hurt your twin flame you also hurt yourself its a really big learning curve. Your twin flame wont hurt you intentionally but may do something you find hurtful. But they are nothing like that trauma bond that is formed in relationships with Narcissist’s which are extremely painful and the pain inflicted is intentional in that case

Intense Magnetism: Twin flame relationships  involve an intense and magnetic attraction between the two individuals. There may be a strong sense of recognition and familiarity upon meeting.

Challenges and Growth: Twin flame relationships often have significant challenges and obstacles. These challenges are opportunities for both individuals to undergo deep personal and spiritual growth.

Twin flames are said to mirror each other in various ways, reflecting both strengths and weaknesses. This mirroring process contributes to the individuals’ self-awareness and self-realization.

Eternal Connection: While we may have multiple soulmates, each person has only one twin flame. The connection is often considered eternal and transcendent.

How to Tell the Difference between Soulmates and Twin Flames:

Intensity of Connection: Twin flame connections are often described as extremely intense and may involve a sense of completeness or recognition upon meeting. Soulmates, while still significant, may not have the same level of intensity.
Purpose and Growth: Both types of relationships are believed to contribute to personal growth, but twin flame relationships are often seen as more transformative and spiritually charged.
Challenges: Twin flame relationships are thought to involve more challenges and obstacles, reflecting the idea that these connections are meant to catalyze profound personal change. There can be a Twin Flame runner element and one can become overwhelmed by the intensity and run off. Only to return and try again.. This doesn.t happen with every relationship but it is quite common


Neither is better than the other and we don’t spend every lifetime with our twin flame. We both go off and learn things on our own and spend time with soul mates and also our soul groups.

Soul mate relationships are easier and lighter and less intense but still very close and very important connections , 

Twin flames are an intense connection and the way to stop the runner situation where one gets overwhelmed is to maintain balance. Don’t rush into the relationship and continue to have your own life and friends . And also be really open and communicate any feelings of overwhelm. Talk about it. if they are really your twin flame they will listen. And enjoy it .remember angels fly because they take themselves lightly


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