7 Signs You have met Your Soulmate

7 Signs You have met Your Soulmate. During Psychic readings I am often asked if the person my client has met is their soulmate. the answer can be a little complex as often people have more than one soul mate but only one Twin Flame. So its entirely possible for you to be with someone who is your soul mate and if that relationship ends they meet another of their soul family who is also a soulmate.

The soulmate connection is a spiritual bond and can be subtle or really obvious. The most important way you can tell if the person is your soulmate is that your soulmate will always have your best interest in mind even if you disagree.

Signs they are Not Your Soulmate

Your soulmate will not try to dis empower you, put you down, make you doubt yourself or otherwise destroy your self esteem.That would be going completely against your soul agreement. They may have disagreements or their own character flaws but they will never try to destroy you. If that is what you are experiencing you are dealing with an abusive , toxic bond which can make you feel hooked but is not based on love. You could get extremes of praise and put downs and that cycle is called trauma bonding and is hard to break away form.

Your Real Soulmate

Will want you to thrive to succeed and to do well and wont put you down . yes they may call you out if you behave badly but they wont put you you down and make you doubt yourself that is just not in the agreement.

1.Your feel safe around them. You will feel safe and at ease and wont feel like you need to guard yourself or hide things. You also wont feel anxious about whether they like you or not as you will feel that they do.

2.Your forgive each other . There is a spiritual knowing and acceptance that you botth make mistakes but neither will hold grudges for any length of time.

3.Your respect each other. There is a deep respect and also knowing that you could never harm that person and you accept each others quirks.

4. You know what they are thinking at times and are tuned into each other. So you may even finish each others sentences.

5.You know its right deep within your gut.You just know it. All the soulmate couples I have met are very sure that they are with exactly who they are meant to be with.

6.You develop a deep trust because you know they would not betray you or harm you .So you can relax and enjoy each other.

7.You know an argument wont be the end of the relationship. If you argue you know you will work through it and that they wont abandon you or end the relationship over something like that. They are there and you can have faith in that.

Can a Soulmate Leave?

yes they can as they have an agreement to be with us for our growth and once that growth is complete then it is up to a couple to decide whether to stay together or move on. But it wont be an ugly battle it will feel more like its complete and just time to move forward and while its sad there wont be hate between you.

Is Your Soulmate Your life Partner?

They can be. I meet quite a few in my work as a psychic reader and some spend their lives together and are very happy and some separate and move onto more learning and growth with someone else. So they can become your life partner if you both agree to that.

Soulmate Love What is it?

Its a spiritual connection and a spiritual connection is about trust , being safe with each other and honesty. We can feel all the human feelings with it or not. Some are friends or family members. But in its truest essence its not about clinging, owning or possessing each other as there is no need . You both know you can have trust and faith in each other.

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7 Signs You have met Your Soulmate