Psychic Business Readings

Psychic Business Readings in New Zealand and Internationally

A psychic business reading can give you clarity and confidence to really reach for Your goals

As a New Zealand Full Time Psychic I have worked with business people for many years.,  A business psychic reading is not that different from any other type of reading. but as I have a background in Business I can help you get more clarity on a variety of topics. Is my business a good idea? is it going to work for me? can I work with a potential business partner, how well will the sale of my business go? How can I make my business better? 

Questions like these are what I am often asked during a business psychic session. 

  • My own background as a Business Psychic is :
  • I have been self employed of almost all of my life.
  • I owned and managed a Market Garden in my twenties in Nelson for 10 years 
  • I worked and managed a Painting and Decorating Business in Marlborough 
  • and also had  apart time business writing CVs
  • I owned a retail outlet and travelled with it for 15 years and spent 5 of those years as marketing and PR manager for the group
  • I was also doing readings 

My Calling to have a Spiritual Business

Spirituality has always been a part of my life and I have also worked as a healer and psychic in New Zealand and online. I trained as a life coach during my 30s and I do use that training in my readings, I feel a psychic reading needs to be useful and enhance your life as well as give you insight and answers.

I will use all of my skills as a clairvoyant , clairsentient, claircognizant and intuitive abilities to give you the clarity you are looking for as well as practical guidance and real steps you can take to thrive,

How I can assist You with a Psychic Business Reading

I ask for the business name as I do look at how well the business show’s up on Google and online . I can then offer some tips as to how to market it better. It also gives me a stronger connection to your business as everything has energy and an energy signature which I read.

I also look at things spiritually how things are flowing energetically and how things will unfold for you.

A Psychic Business Readings will show you areas of improvement but I will also look at your strengths an dhow you can really work with them to maximize your opportunities,

Business psychic readings are a form of psychic session that aims to provide insights and guidance related to your business endeavor’s. Here’s how they typically work and what I can potentially do for you:

Consultation Process: During a business psychic reading I will look at the potential and areas you can improve also at employees and if they are the right fit. I can look at business partnerships and how to really get them working well and also your potential to make a good income with Your Business

The Spiritual Aspects of  a Psychic Business Reading

Insights and Guidance: I will provide insight into various aspects of your business, such as upcoming challenges, opportunities, potential partnerships, or areas that need attention. I may also offer guidance on decision-making, strategy, marketing, or personnel matters.

Personal Growth and Development: My Business psychic readings can also contribute to your personal growth and development as an entrepreneur or business leader. The insights and guidance provided by the psychic session may help you gain clarity, overcome limiting beliefs, and cultivate a more intuitive approach to decision-making.

Outcomes of You current Path: I will during a psychic reading about your business also look at how things will develop in the coming years. If it will be viable financially and where you are going with your finances.
I will also look at the satisfaction you will gain from your work.
I can also advise on the sale of a business now or in the future and how that will go and how to really maximize your asset.

I have read for all sorts of Industries with my NZ Psychic Business Readings
Plumbers, real estate agents, builders, creatives. Online business, other spiritual businesses , accountants , lawyers and a lot of professions I have been able to offer my guidance to


Psychic Business Readings Online

You are welcome to ask up to 5 questions for your reading

Please also send me the name of your business , your name and also a photo of Yourself to help me to tune in


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