New Zealand Psychic Readings and International

New Zealand and Psychic Readings and International 

Welcome to Psychic Readings by Franziska – A Trusted Source for Guidance in New Zealand

New Zealand Psychic Readings are available in person, online or by phone. my International readings are available online only.

I am based in Wellington New Zealand and also tour to other cities in New Zealand . I also have a large international clientele and love that diversity . My in person and phone appointments book out fast as I don’t have as many available as online readings because I do my face to face psychic readings during the day only and my phone appointments in the early evening when its quiet ,

Are you seeking clarity, insight, and guidance on life’s journey? Psychic Readings by Franziska is a great place to reach out to for insights and spiritual guidance, available to you wherever you are in New Zealand. Whether you reside in the cities of Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Tauranga, Hawke’s Bay, Dunedin, Christchurch, or in some of the smaller towns across the nation. 

I am available in New Zealand when I am touring and Internationally online

As a NZ based Psychic and Clairvoyant I have have a large client base in New Zealand  as I have travelled extensively and for many years, working at spiritual fairs and events. Now I book appointments Before I arrive mostly. Working as a New Zealand Psychic I have travelled the country a great deal and connected with many people in New Zealand but also overseas online .

I have over 30 years experience as a clairvoyant and can offer you guidance and peace of mind so you can feel calm about your path and direction 

My International clients have found me on the internet and also through recommendations and some are people who have visited New Zealand and had a reading with me and continued to connect for advice and guidance once back in their home country. So New Zealand and International Psychic Readings has grown into a service which is used both in NZ as well as overseas

To read more about my Journey as a NZ Clairvoyant to becoming a trusted psychic in New Zealand 

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Helpful things to Provide for Online Psychic Readings :

1. A photo of Your face

2 Your date of birth for timelines. I use this to get events timed correctly when I look at your timeline

3.Your Name ( given name)

4. if you wish to ask about friends or family , Their name and also a photo does help to make the connection stronger 

For New Zealand Psychic Readings and International Psychic Readings

Life often presents us with questions and challenges that can leave us feeling lost or uncertain. That’s why I can offer my  talents to provide you with the answers and guidance you seek. With a strong connection to the spiritual realm and a deep understanding of the energies that shape our lives, I am dedicated to helping you find clarity, purpose, and peace.

I have been offering For New Zealand and Psychic Readings for a long time  as I toured for many years almost constantly visiting many towns from Whangariei, through Auckland, Hamilton, Napier, Tauranga , Palmerston North, , Nelson., Invercargill and many smaller towns have also been on my tour itinerary 

I travelled new zealand as a psychic for 12 years full time doing tours before I started working Online.

As I started to work online more I developed an International clientele as well .I have become the person people like to get in touch with if they have something on their mind and technology has made it possible for me to stay connected for psychic readings in New Zealand and Internationally

Why Choose Psychic Readings by Franziska?

New Zealand Wide Service: I serve clients throughout New Zealand, from the North Island to the South Island, and all the beautiful towns in between. Wherever you are.

Experienced Psychic: I bring years of experience and a genuine passion for helping others to every reading. My empathetic and intuitive approach ensures that you receive the personalized guidance you deserve.New Zealand Psychic Readings and also available Internationally.

Comprehensive Readings: Whether you’re curious about your love life, career prospects, or have spiritual questions, My clairvoyant readings cover a wide range of topics to address your unique needs.

Book Your Psychic Reading  -New Zealand Psychic Readings and also International bookings

Whether you’re in Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Tauranga, Hawke’s Bay, Dunedin, Christchurch, or any smaller town in New Zealand, My psychic services are available to guide you on your path to peace and success.  To Book a reading New Zealand Wide

Due to all my travels and often terrible internet I am not currently offering Zoom or Skype readings but when I find a good system which is more stable that will change and also I am available by email for New Zealand and International Psychic Readings

Psychic Lifepath Readings in New Zealand – These can be by email and in person 

Psychic Love Readings in New Zealand by email, phone or in person. by phone just mention that you would like to focus on love an drelationships

 Psychic Short Readings NZ – By email only . I dont have short in person readings

Full Psychic Readings New Zealand – Face to face, by phone and email

My shorter readings are only available by email

Couples Readings in New Zealand and Online. These  are not available by phone as it gets too confusing but are available in person and by email


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What I would like You to Know :

International Psychic Readings

New Zealand Psychic Readings and International appointments are available online for International clients and online and by phone in New Zealand . This is working well for me and I have a a large international clientele. This is not affected by different time zones and this makes it so much easier . But please keep in mind that I work with the New Zealand Time Zone. I have travelled New Zealand as psychic for many years and over that time my International clientele has also grown .

As a travelling psychic I have adopted a booking system for my online and phone clients as I was often too busy to book these manually. Timely Scheduling has been assisting me with my bookings for my psychic readings for a number of years now and it works well

New Zealand Psychic Readings 

I travel New Zealand extensively and visit the North Island centers like Auckland, Tauranga , Hamilton, Napier as well as other smaller towns every year. The South Island I tour less frequently but do still visit . So if you want to connect for New Zealand and International Psychic Readings there is an option and email readings work well. But please do send a photo and any questions you have as the reading will be far more specific if you ask clear questions. If you wish to ask about people then please a first name will be very helpful so I have a name to ask my guides about . Please remember that I cant read someone else’s personal life that would be overstepping universal rules

When I travel I am pre booked for the towns I visit so my venues for New Zealand Psychic Readings depend on demand as driving a long distance for one reading does not work

New Zealand Psychic Readings Online and International Readings are always available online

I travel a great deal in the North Island of New Zealand for psychic readings and less frequently in the South island

If You can’t get a Booking for Reading right away

For New Zealand Psychic Readings , my phone readings and in person readings always book out first so often the option is to wait or to try an email reading as I gave up on having a waitlist as I would contact people and not hear back from them in time and it ended up a bit of a confusing mess. There si only me and I dont have employees who manage things for me.

Email Psychic Readings  are available in larger numbers as they are available during more hours than my in person and phone readings. Phone readings I only do in the evenings so I have peace and quiet and my in person readings in Wellington are only available in my work room during the hours I have that as its shared.

When  touring I take interested peoples names and when I have enough bookings in a town to drive there , then I go to the town and see my clients there.

What do I need to do during an Email Reading ?

You don’t need to do anything . just get on with your day. But please do send me a photo , so I can visualize you better when I connect . Your date of birth so I can look at your timeline for your forecast and any questions you have for me . this is usually 5 and 6 for a relationship reading.

It helps to be clear in your questions as I relay your questions to my spirit guides and if they are hard to decipher the answers may not be as clear. Also when asking about people please mention their first name so I get information about the right person. I don’t read other peoples private lives for people as spirit also respects privacy. If you would like timeframes in your psychic reading then your date of birth helps me to create a timeline in your reading

If you are not busy at that time you can simply relax or hold your questions in your mind . But that is up to you

 The Technology I use for New Zealand Psychic Readings and alos International Readings 

 For my New Zealand  and International Psychic Readings, I use rural broadband with Netspeed which is getting better and it works as I do travel New Zealand a great deal. Its improving all the time but right now is still a bit unpredictable for Zoom and skype in many places. I end up with disconnects and buffering which makes the whole reading feel really disjointed so at this point I don’t offer those

I have a motorhome I travel in a lot and have added an antenna and now have internet in many more places. For email as long as I have some internet it works with a lot less reception . I can even write offline in word and can then send when I am ready so I don’t need super powerful internet for that.

But I am sure things will continue to improve

New Zealand Psychic Readings and Online- Bookings

To book simply click on the booking button on my front page Psychic Readings in NZ

Then choose which reading you would like ( If the one you would like doesn’t show it indicates its booked out), and follow the steps as shown by Timely bookings. My payments are currently with PayPal and you can check out as guest rather than having to have  PayPal account

If you experience problems and are in NZ then please contact me and I can book you in manually and send you my bank details. I don’t send them Internationally I am sorry manual payments into my account are for New Zealand Psychic Readings only .

For Face to Face in person psychic Readings please contact me as they can not be booked online due to my touring people end up booking when I am in a different town These can be Psychic Love readings , Full Psychic Readings , Lifepath Readings or even couples readings

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All about Psychic Email Readings


How Remote Psychic Readings work 

We are energy and so is everything around us which science has now proven. To tune into somebody I don’t need to have them next to me but a photo helps as it allows me to hold their name and image in my mind while I tune in. For New Zealand Psychic Readings by Phone I may ask you if there is anything you would like me to focus on,for email readings clear questions will give you the best results as really cryptic questions can be confusing ,

During the reading, the I will use my intuitive abilities, such as clairvoyance (seeing visions), clairaudience (hearing messages), or clairsentience (sensing feelings), to access information and insights about your past, present, or future. My guides assist me with this and will show me and tell me information.

Sometimes spiritual guidance and clairvoyance can be very symbolic and they will show an image of what they wish to show and to have communicated to the client. Basically Franziska’s and Your guides will collaborate during a reading and work together to bring information through during your psychic clairvoyant reading

I will provide answers ,insights, interpretations, and messages with you based on what they have perceived or received during the reading

Much like prayer works via distance so do New Zealand and International Psychic readings via distance .

It helps if you have questions if you can state them clearly beforehand as I ask my spirit guides these questions and if they are super vague then my guides can be vague back as they too get frustrated and end up just showing me images .

To read about my training and background – About Psychic Franziska

New Zealand Psychic Readings by franziska