Affordable Psychic Readings in New Zealand and Online

 As a New Zealand Psychic Clairvoyant I try to keep my prices affordable as I want to be in reach of all people. But of course I have internet, website, phone and other costs and as this is my full time occupation I also need to live. So my free content is my Face Book and You Tube content. Of course I am open to questions after a reading.

Email Readings and in person or by phone:

  •  $65 for a full and detailed psychic email reading ( 5 questions) Special until 1st of September $60
  • $30 for a short one question email reading
  • $65 for private consultations in person
  •  $50 at Fairs and Markets
  •  $70 for a relationship email reading( 6 questions)
  •  $70 for a business reading
  •  $80 for a phone reading 40 minutes, limited availability due to time constraints especially when touring

Psychic Clairvoyant Phone Readings

These are in New Zealand only due to call charges

By email or in person. Keep an eye on my site and Facebook page as I run specials at times.

Please use my book online button which will allow you to guarantee a booking and pay by PayPal or credit card or contact me if that does not work for you.

I can organize bank deposit payments and manually enter the next available appointment for new Zealand clients if you can not pay by debit or credit card. Due to the wonders of modern technology I am able to work online even when I am touring

For Affordable Psychic Readings in New Zealand 

For a face to face booking please contact me or check my Find- Me page and I will ensure that you do not have to wait if you have an appointment especially at events. I travel almost full time in NZ at this point with my readings.

To order an email or phone reading please use the booking button . This will lead you Timely, a booking service I use so I can focus on the readings. Its very secure and completely private.

Or fill out the form or call me if you have any trouble

Affordable Psychic Readings in New Zealand

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