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Affordable Psychic Readings 

As a New Zealand and International Clairvoyant I try to provide affordable Psychic Readings as I want to be in reach of all people. I know many charge double what I do and while I too have bills to pay to keep it all running, I don’t want a psychic reading to be unaffordable My free content is my Face Book and You Tube content , on which I have free weekly tarot reveals and other inspirational messages, I am open to questions after a reading if you need any clarity on what you have received, within reason. 

I feel that its important that people can afford my services and I have seen some prices which I found astounding. One clairvoyant charges $250 per session which I feel is too high for many people. My prices do rise now and then but not by much and that is to help with costs as webhosting my internet , my phone, Timely Booking Service and all those things add up and do go up in price

Please contact me for In person Psychic Readings in Wellington Contact Franziska

For Affordable Psychic Readings by Email and in Person or by Phone:

Specials My specials for my psychic readings are on my home page while they are running and set in my booking service . I don’t edit them here on this page as specials are short term. To see my current specials please see here : Psychic Readings in NZ

  •  $70 for a full and detailed psychic email reading ( 5 questions)  
  • $38 for a short one question email reading
  • $50 for a 3 question reading by email 
  • $100 for private consultations in person
  •  $80 for a relationship or couples email reading( 6 questions)
  •  $75 for a business reading
  •  $100 for a phone reading 60 minutes, limited availability due to time constraints especially when touring
  • $75 for a Psychic Lifepath Readings
  • $65 for a 12 month reading 
  • $80 for an Urgent Psychic reading by Email
  • Past Life Readings by email $80

How much are Psychic Phone Readings and for how long do they go?

Phone readings are $100 and are about 40-45 minutes long. When I am touring they are often fully booked as I need to juggle them with having good phone reception whereas the internet I have is on a very good stable connection. I use Wireless Nation for my mobile internet  and its solid for emails but does buffer a lot on zoom so I dont tend to work with Zoom or Skype

Are Your Psychic Readings ever on Special?

Keep an eye on my sites home page and Facebook page as I run specials at times.

Please use my book online button for phone and email readings which will allow you to guarantee a booking as soon as possible and pay by credit card using Stripe or contact me if that does not work for you.

I can organize bank deposit payments and manually enter the next available appointment for new Zealand clients if you can not pay by debit or credit card.

What does an in person Psychic reading Cost?

In person readings are $100 for an hour and less at events and fairs as they are a bit shorter

For a face to face booking in Wellington please contact me or check my Find- Me page and I will ensure that you do not have to wait if you have an appointment especially at events. I travel a great deal in NZ at this point with my readings.

To order an email or phone reading please use the booking button . This will lead you Timely, a booking service I use so I can focus on the readings. Its very secure and completely private.

Or fill out the form or call me if you have any trouble

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