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Psychic Email Readings- Online

How does a Psychic Email reading work?

I am often asked how my Email Readings work. and much like prayer and distant healing energy is limitless. I tune into your energy and with my spirit guides and my clairvoyant abilities, I tune into your energy and Your spirit guides and mine also communicate.

I listen for a while and wait for the information to come through clearly. Then I start writing. If you have sent questions , I start with those and answer them and then I go onto a 12 month forecast broken into 2 monthly sections and then I add a long term forecast.

You will receive Your reading on the date booked for by email and will also receive a PDF of your reading to download

This is for full email readings, for the short email readings I just look at the question sent to me and answer that in detail very short questions often have shorter answers than one asking a more complex questions.

Which Types of Psychic Readings can I have by Email?

Love and Relationship Readings Full Psychic Readings 12 month Readings Business Psychic readings and Short One Question Email Readings as well as my Lifepath Psychic Readings

Why do You have Appointments for Email Readings?

The scheduling and appointments are to give me a schedule so I don’t receive more requests than I can do and still do a good job . So I do actually do your reading when booked as I have other appointments for in person and phone readings as well. The calendar in Timely bookings also lets you know when I will be doing your reading.

Are Psychic Email Readings as Good as in Person Readings?

I find they are but an in person reading is more interactive. But if I get good questions or an outline on what you would like me focus on for you they are extremely accurate.

I have been doing email readings for a long time and have excellent feedback on them.

Requirements for Email Readings

A photo ( please email that to me)

Your date of birth ( I use this for timing things in Your reading and also numbers have energy)

And your questions ( 5 for a full or 12 month reading or 6 for relationship readings) These are optional but do help me to focus on what you would like to know about

Why do You need a Photo?

I get a better connection when I look at your face . It makes it a lot stronger and for that reason please send a clear photo which shows your face.

For any other questions please contact me 

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Bookings for Online Psychic Readings 

For bookings for readings please book via my Service below which is secure or contact me if you have any trouble with my booking service


An awesome reading once again. During these crazy times it was a true gift to read your reassuring words and tips for the future. Thank you so much
Ben jackson

Thank you, Fran for very detailed reading! What you did tell me, it was happened and I could prepare well. Thank you very much for your advice as well. I am very excited my new life in a small town ?? I am really appreciate to you!