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7 Signs Your Spirit Guides are trying to contact You

7 Signs Your Spirit Guides are trying to contact You. This also includes angels, totem animals and other spirit contact. Spirit does not have form but they often show themselves in form so we can relate to them. But really they are energy and i often see them as a large energy sphere of a colour unless I ask them to show me a form. Bu showing up in a form does make them more relate able in this dimension

1.By making things like books, lyrics in a song or a quote really stand out to you. You may not know why you feel compelled to pay attention but you do.

2.With repeating numbers. Like 11:11 22:22 and really any repeating number sequence. These basically say we are here for you and assisting you from the spirit realm. Each also has a meaning according to numerology , but trust your own instincts as to what they mean to you.

3 By finding feathers. This is one of my favourites. Often when I have just worked out a spiritual truth or made an empowering decision , I start finding feathers in large numbers.

4 Orbs in Photos. This usually shows up when there is a lot going on and a lot of spiritual helpers on board and assisting us with life changes and new projects or awareness.

5. Butterfly’s. Seeing these delightful creatures is often a sign of new beginnings and transformation. As the butterfly transforms from a caterpillar so do we as we leave old ways behind and focus on new beginnings.

6. Electronics behaving oddly. Like lights flickering or a phone or computer acting simply weird. Spirit carries a lot of energy and can affect electronic devices but not in a harmful way if they are out helpers we have around us.

7.Feeling an energy and a presence even though no one is there. Animals often pick up on spirit contact befor we do and will stare at a spot or seem to be relating to someone. Like tail wagging or purring. But people often feel the presence too.

This post is about our guides and spirit helpers not any mischief making spirits but deliberate signs by our guides that they are nearby.

leave a comment about how your guides contact you.

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