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How to Train Your Psychic Abilities Updated


How to Train your Psychic Abilities: As children we are taught to ignore intuition, so we let our psychic potential disappear. We can however strengthen them again and learn how to fine tune them

Trust Yourself when training your Psychic Abilities

Most of us are taught to analyze things and situations rather than trust our intuition. Trusting what you feel is an essential first step to hearing and learning how to decipher those intuitive impulses. Once we get our thinking too involved it tends to end up a tangle. So learn to feel yourself into a sense of knowing.

The root word of “psychic” means “soul.”  Psychic abilities are really soul abilities.  These gifts and talents differ only in the label you apply to them, in how they are used, and what for.

If you would like a reading to help you work out your own Psychic Abilities please feel free . I can help you to see which area to focus on.

No one way is the best. Some people hear, some feel, some see but each unique ability is just as important as any other. And we all have these abilities. Often people don’t awaken them again until they are older after shutting down in later childhood. But they were still there.

Its like a radio. get on the right frequency and you will receive. A relaxed and peaceful space is very helpful. Often when we most could use the knowledge during stressful times it seems to leave us. But You can learn  how to Train your Psychic Abilities

But its really that we can not “hear” it as our minds are so busy that we have interference in our channel. The more stressful the more thinking generally occurs. So try and find a way you can relax as that makes it so much easier. go for a walk, meditate, dance, whatever works best for you

Take time to just be

Turn everything off. Phones, radios, children ( just kidding) but try and find a quite time and space to just be peaceful. Nature is a great place as its calming and makes us feel good. From a peaceful space you will find it much easier to practice how to Train your Psychic Senses.

Let go of Fears

Most of us have watched scary movies about the supernatural and ghosts. Yet in reality most spirits just want to talk. All the Hollywood drama is not necessary. I have met one or two angry spirits who once listened to were quite happy to move on. Well sometimes you have to make them see how much happier they will be.

But they are not monsters. Just confused beings who have not returned home

Invest in some Tools which can help you to train Your Psychic Abilities

Tarot cards, Angel cards or runes or any divination tools which resonates with you. See what you feel before checking in the book and you will build an intuitive relationship with them. Choose one a day and put it up somewhere so you can keep glancing at it. This way you will learn all of them thoroughly .

Crystals to Strengthen your Psychic Ability

Your third eye chakra is the main intuitive and clairvoyant chakra. Crystals which are blue or close to blue are best,. The third eye vibrates at the colour blues vibration and some stones enhance this. I am a great fan of lapis lazuli personally.

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 Psychometry Skills

Friends are great as they can let you hold a piece of jewelry or go to an Op Shop and pick up something with history.
Hold  these objects until you get strong feelings. Really try to connect with their past. Concentrate for as long as you need to. Can you feel anything about the history of the items or their owners

Remote Viewing

Imagine yourself in various places you have  not visited and then after the viewing go and have a look to see if you were correct. So stick to places you can access easily. This is a fabulous way for helping to train Your Psychic Abilities’

Keep Practicing

Try not to get discouraged and make it enjoyable. Its like anything the more you do it the easier it becomes. Learning how to Train your Psychic Abilities is  a journey and one full of really rich rewards

Form a Group

This makes it much easier as you have others to practice with and you can give each other feedback.

Don’t let frustration or failures make you stop. Be realistic. You can’t expect to practice for a few days, then be able to predict everything.  Psychic abilities, even for those who have developed them to a high degree, can be unpredictable.  The trick is to learn to know when its working and that is usually by a strong feeling which is present during the thought. Its a knowing rather than a thinking process.


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Please comment below about your experience and feel free to share with anyone who may be interested

Crystals How to Train your Psychic Senses
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