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Intuitive strengths

Strengthening your Psychic and Intuitive Muscle

Strengthening your Intuition and Psychic abilities is like going to the gym. The more you use it the stronger it gets. There are many ways to practice and develop your spiritual and intuitive strength. Try to make it fun so its not a should but a positive and enjoyable experience.

Psychic and Intuitive Strength Building Exercises

Try to “feel” who is calling before you look at your phone

Let it find you a parking space

Get relaxed and think ” what do I need to know” and write whatever comes on a piece of paper.

Sit with a friend and tune into their feeling and then share your finding ( You need to tell them first)

Get a nice deck of Oracle Cards and pull one card every day.

Go to the Library and let your Intuition find you a book. Go to a section of inspiring books and close your eyes and see where your hand goes.

Psychometry- Hold an object belonging to someone else and see what comes to you.

Form a Spiritual development Group

Strengthening your Psychic and Intuitive Muscle is more fun with others and also easier as getting feedback is so encouraging and allows you to practice with others. We all have different ways of feeling and sensing and a group will show you the different ways people pick up information.

Meeting Your Spirit Guides

To meet your guides, one exercise I used a lot when teaching meditations was to guide people during the meditation along a woodland path and to really experience the smells, sounds, and sensations as they walk. After a few minutes of this walk I  guided the mediators to a clearing and there waiting for them was a spirit guide or spirit animal with a message for them. Its amazing afterwards to share what people experienced. One time every single one of the 12 people met a bear.

There are several meditations on You Tube which are quite helpful and I will also record one in the near future.


Spending time in nature

Nature is a great clearer and will clear excess energies you have picked up and thus allow you to get more in tune with your own inner voice. So try to spend time regularly in peaceful places and let it refresh you.

You may even connect with some nature spirits.


Trust that you are receiving guidance from your intuition. Ask for discernment. Your answer may simply be to wait, to act or to gather more information.

Try not to over analyze what you feel as this can slow things down and put a spanner in the works. Intuitive guidance often comes when you least expect it! You might feel guided to pick up a specific book and find your answer there. You might turn on the radio at just the right time and hear an interview that addresses your concerns. The Universe has all sorts of amazing ways to guide you. Be patient and trust that all that you need is being provided.

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How has your inner guidance helped you? Please share below.


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