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How to tell if its Intuition

For me intuition feels almost physical. There is a calm knowing which is quite different to anxiety, fear or exitement.

It really feels like its deep within and there is no clear indication how it got there it just is. It is so vitally important to listen to it as its like a GPS directive from your soul and it guides us in choices , decisions and warns us as well.

I remember well when selling my house in Nelson many years ago and I had a very good offer and contract on it, I was standing in the shed and suddenly I knew. This sale is not going through. When I went to the house I had a phone call from the agent that the buyers were going to sue them for misrepresentation of the property.

Totally off the wall. So I called their lawyer and simply said that if they dont have the funds I will release them from their unconditional contract. He agreed and all ended well. But my inner guidance knew and because I trusted it the situation was solved easily. So that was a practical application.

When working spiritually its usually automatic after a while as most people have a mode or ritual to really tune in. Often in a reading I will say something and this  confirms for the person what they actually intuitively have felt themselves but having confirmation is very handy especially when dealing with our emotions.

Turns out the bank had turned them down for a mortgage.

You can use your Intuition to find car parking spaces, direction and also of course to help in more serious life decisions. If something feels off listen and watch to see what happens. It really is an amazing tool and the more we use it the stronger it gets.

I call it Intuition Gym. Pay attention when your phone rings and before you look see if you get a sense of who it is. Little things like that exercise your Intuition and strengthen it. Have fun with it while you practice.

Intuition is not Emotion however

The minute you tap your intuition, you are no longer emotionally involved within the situation. This helps expand your perspective and understanding of things. From this place of intuitive thought, things become crystal clear and answers come readily. You become immediately present in the spur of the moment and you suddenly have all the answers you need to make the most effective decision moving forward.

These solutions and answers come to you as sparks of inspiration. Consciously you don’t quite understand where they came from; you simply give credit to your intuitive abilities and successfully work through your problem based on a gut feelings. And yet, it wasn’t you gut that provided you with this spark of inspiration.

Being in nature and in quiet places is also very helpful in developing your Intuition. As our minds calm we can it “hear” it better. When we are super stressed often we can not hear it and can not access it as easily. Breathing deeply into your belly helps you bring your awareness back to your center and out of your mind.

Animals and Intuition

Animals often avoid and sense natural disasters as the tune in and are often calmer. Before a tidal wave in Sri Lanka a lot of animals ran and flew inland before it arrived. They sensed it before it was anywhere near. That in my opinion is pretty impressive.

I wrote an Article about animals Psychic senses also recently Are pets and Animals Psychic

Children and Intuition

Children are often far more in tune than adults as they are more in the present moment and have not learnt to distrust it. Both my sons picked up on signals very quickly and even when I though I was keeping something from them they usually knew. So I learn that I did not have to give them all the details of the complex adult world but I could affirm that they were correct.

So keep going to the Intuition Gym and comment below how you have had amazingly clear intuitive “hits” in your life. And please share.

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How can you tell its Intuition
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