Psychically sensitive Souls

How to deal with being Psychically Sensitive in Stressful Times

We are living in an intense and quite stressful times. With the virus and peoples uncertainty about work , business and career .

If you have been feeling extra stressed in this article I will look at some ways You can reduce that. Many psychically sensitive people are feeling it very strongly. But first I want to look at the many sensitive beings alive right now who are not just feeling their own stress but also feeling the stress from the world around them.

Energy is infinite and we are all connected and can pick up feelings from the people and the world around us. This can be overwhelming and intense for many psychically sensitive souls. Its overwhelming and intense and can add to Your own feelings of uncertainty and make any fears you have worse.

Psychically Sensitive People need Time to just Unwind

Switching of the Tv and social Media now and then can help a great deal as it will give You time out from all the news which is often negative so give yourself some time to just be. Go for a walk in nature sit by water, have a bath, read a book whatever works for you will allow you to feel more relaxed.

Spend time doing something you love and get creative. creativity allows us to release pent up emotions.

An Exercise to ease Overwhelm

Meditation is great for those who are sensitive . But if that is not Your thing even a relaxation meditation which You can download on the Internet can be great and can leave You relaxed and Clear.

But I have  amore specific exercise for  sensitive souls. Its a quick and easy technique which can be used anywhere and allows you to quickly disconnect from all the energies around You.

  1. Close Your eyes
  2. Breathe slowly and deeply
  3. Focus on Your belly behind Your navel
  4. Breathe into that space
  5. Visualize a calming pool or a calming colour there in that space.
  6. Do this a few times

This little and simple exercise will allow You to disconnect from the energy around You which is not Yours and will make You much more aware of Your own calm and peaceful Centre.

Some Other relaxation Tips for Sensitive Souls

Thai Chi and Yoga are also great and relaxing and very good to practice and can help with Stress and Anxiety. They are great ways to focus on Your inner being.

Some people need to work off some energy before they are ready to really relax and for that hiking, dancing or any exercise You enjoy is good and can bring You peace of mind after burning off the anxiety. So burn of any nervous energy and then try the relaxing techniques.

Journaling and Writing

Writing out Your feelings is also an excellent way to express Your feelings and to get them out of Your being. its a great technique and really works. just write whatever comes out. No one gets to read it , so it doesn’t need to be nice or make sense. Just write and You can burn it or keep it in  a private journal that is up to You.

And of course talking to another Psychically Sensitive soul.

This is probably one of the best ways but is not always possible all the time. But if You know another sensitive person then talk with them. or if You dont find a group online for Sensitives and Empaths as these can also be helpful.

There is really nothing better than expressing how You feel. Pets are also great and very soothing and healing to be around .

Here is an Article on Web MD How to reduce stress

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