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10 Very Strong Signs You have met Your Real Twin Flame

Is my partner a real twin flame? this is something I am asked frequently during my psychic love readings and there are some strong signs your partner is a true and real twin flame.

Welcome. I’ve made a video about this previously, but we all learn more and grow and find out other things as time goes by. And so do I, so I’ve thought of thought about this quite a bit, because I get asked about twin flames, a huge amount in readings, or just in questions . So, I like to make my posts about things people ask me about, and yes, this one is about some really strong signs that it really is your twin flame, that you’re not imagining it or something like that. One thing I do want to say before I start though, is that nobody is half a soul, your twin flame. It doesn’t quite work like that. It’s like from a soul stream, you come from the same stream, but yes, actually both whole and complete.

And it’s essentially very, very important that you are because otherwise you’re going to start tugging at each other, trying to be complete, you know, rather than two wholes coming together and harmonizing together, which is what works best. A real twin flame will help you to become the bets version of yourself.

The Real Twin Flame Spark

Number one, there’s an instant spark, an instant recognition. I’m not talking about just chemistry here. I’m talking about this, just bang. There they are. And you just straightaway kind of just have this magnetic pull. You maybe look at each other and your eyes just lock, you know, each other and you feel it really deep down. And even though it doesn’t seem to make any sense, your feelings are saying, yes, I know this person. So yes, that’s, that’s a very powerful sign. That is number one. And yes, it’s not chemistry where you look at somebody and look them up and down and think, oh, they look good.

It’s not about that. It’s just natural. Knowing of each other, energetically, your two energies are recognizing each other across the room or across the space.  and it’s very clear. It’s a very strong, clear feeling.

Experiencing Your Twins Feelings

Number two, you, once you’re together, sometimes you feel their feelings, even when you’re not together, you know, you might be just going about your day at work or whatever you’re doing. And all of a sudden you just feel something that they’re feeling that’s normal. That just shows that you’re very connected at a soul level and spiritually you’re very open towards each other. So you will feel that from each other at times, I’m not saying you should just get really caught up in that. It’s okay. Just to acknowledge it and release it because you don’t have to take on all their feelings because essentially, they are that person’s feelings, but you can acknowledge it and go, okay, I’m feeling this

But you can also completely trust them to deal with their own feelings unless you feel something absolutely horrific that makes you panic and you have to find out that they’re okay. That’s alright too. But generally, it’s okay just to acknowledge it and feel it and not do too much with it.

Feeling Safe with a Real Twin Flame

Number three, now this is important. You feel safe. You feel really like they’re safe person to be around. So, you feel okay around them. You don’t feel on edge or really, really nervy around them. If you’re feeling those things, it’s sometimes not a good sign. It can be just new relationship nerves, but sometimes if it’s quite extreme, it can be your intuition actually warning you about something that’s not right. So there should be an underlying feeling of being safe with that person and being safe in their space and being safe in their energy.

That’s really, really important. You should always feel safe with your partner. True depth of that grows over time. Once you’ve been together for a while, but there should be a feeling of safety

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You both have a Purpose and help each other

You have a real connection and purpose and will enhance each other when you are with your real twin flame

Number four, you both have a strong sense of purpose and you both want to make a difference in life. And in the world around you, you have, a mission, you have something to do other than exist and cut the grass on Sunday and go to work. And, watch TV. You, you both have something bigger, deeper. And what you’ve come together for is twin flames is to empower each other and help each other to fulfill that purpose, not do it for each other, but to actually encourage, empower, and yes watch the other person do that. But while you do your bit, some twin flames I’ve met, actually worked together.

I’ve met a couple of healers who work beautifully together and, and they are twin flames. And it works very, very well, but sometimes people have their own different expression, but they’re still supporting each other and their life purpose and their soul purpose and their mission here on the planet. If your partner’s trying to get you away from your true purpose, your vision, they’re not your twin flame, your twin flame knows that that’s important and would never try and drag you away from that.

You Knew Your real twin Flame was Coming

Number five. You’ve always had a feeling that you would meet the right person you’ve had, knowing that you would meet that one person who just felt right to you. You weren’t panicking I feel there’s a more peaceful and I knowing of going, okay, I know that person’s coming. That doesn’t mean you can’t date or have other relationships. That’s not what I’m saying, but that despite all of that, that feeling was there and that you weren’t looking for it in the wrong places too much.

Feeling at Home and Relaxed with the Real Twin Soul

Number six, a feeling of being home, you know, that comfortable, that safe, that relaxed feeling that you’re safe to just let go and be yourself and that you’re okay. There’s just the rightness. I was trying to come up with other words. You just feel it, you know, it trusts your feelings in this twin, flame connection and things like that. Aren’t always rational. You’ve got to trust your feelings, your gut instincts And it will feel right. Even if there’s one or two little challenges, you need to work out deep down, you all know it’s right. If you haven’t got that, it’s probably not your twin flame. Sometimes You’ve got a few challenges to overcome and maybe the time’s not right. Maybe you’ll reconnect a bit later on. If at the moment there’s too much going on, remember your soul, your spiritual self isn’t in a hurry. that’s our personalities. Your soul knows and you will work through any obstacles

They want to meet that person, but spiritually and at a soul level. There’s no hurry. So if you’ve met at the wrong time, you’ll meet again. That’s a given that’s a guarantee.

Being completely Authentic with Your Twin Flame

Number seven. You feel comfortable being completely authentic and open and yourself with that person. You don’t need to pretend to be somebody else you don’t need to change yourself. You don’t need to be wishy washy. You don’t need to live up to what they want you to be. You can be absolutely. And a hundred percent and truly you, and they will love that, if you’re not getting that, it probably isn’t a twin flame, twin flames actually naturally have that with each other because they’re so comfortable spiritually already with each other. They already know each other. So well at a spiritual level that you know, that feeling will be there of being able to be really authentic and real and, and let them see your vulnerabilities, your weird habits, your whatever’s going on.

None of us are perfect so we all have quirks but with your twin flame. You’ll feel comfortable just letting it all out.

You are at Peace with the right Relationship

Number eight, you’ll feel comfortable just being together. You’ll be able to just relax. You won’t feel the need to talk constantly or use each other, or if they’re spending time with you, you won’t feel on your toes. Like you have to be funny and entertaining and keep them happy all the time. You’re actually okay. Just to be, you can sit somewhere and just look at a lake and be perfectly comfortable. Not saying anything. There’s a special something between two people and twin flames generally have that. That doesn’t mean they don’t talk, but they’re quite capable of actually just being, and then that’s quite an important sign.

Seeing Angel Numbers 2222, 3333 etc

Number nine, quite often, just before you meet or when you first meet twin Flame, you can see quite a lot of repeating numbers or angel numbers like 11, 11, 22, 22,44, 44 often just before people meet somebody very significant in their life. And when you first meet, they just keep showing up a lot.

Being able to trust Your Twin Flame wit your Heart

Number 10. I want to make it the biggest one, the most important aspect of any relationship. And that is trust, without trust relationships just don’t work well. So , if you’ve had your heart broken in the past, it might take a little bit of time to gain trust, but with the right person, you will, because they will not mess around with that. They will show you that you can trust them. They won’t do things that make you distrust them. That’s just not in that connection. And on that wavelength that just doesn’t work like that.

And they show you that you can trust that person, not just with fidelity and cheating, but also with your heart, you know, and I think that’s way more important than not going to drag you down psychologically abuse. You put you down or any of those sorts of things. It’s just not going to happen in a true twin flame connection. You can get the twin flame runner phenomenon. And I have made a video about that before it is on my channel and that can happen, but that’s not abusive. That’s generally that one person feels so overwhelmed by the connection and the intensity that they actually just run away. They still care. They still love the other person, but they just can’t handle it and run off.

It’s not perfect.

You’re human beings. You will disagree. And you’ve all sometimes say things you don’t mean, but in a twin flame connection, people will own up to that. And we’ll be truthful with each other and apologize and say, sorry. They will honor each other always, you know, so that is a really, really big key. Well, that, that level of trust, the growth that we’re meant to be having with our twin flame can’t happen. That true growth, that true connection, that true heart bond,  there needs to be trust. You know, it’s really, you know, when you love somebody, when you get into a relationship with somebody it’s like taking your heart and handing it over and thinking, gosh, please take the step on it.

You know, , that’s the risk we take when we love, when we care, when we get close to people and with a twin flame, they will honor that and they will treasure that and they won’t step on it and they won’t run off and muck around with somebody else, because they’ll know, that’s not in the best interest of your connection and of the relationship. They will know that it will harm it and it may harm it forever. So a true twin flame. knows that. So yeah. I wanted to bring these points up because they’re quite strong ones. As far as I’m concerned. Some of the questions I get asked, I’ve had a few people who are actually, stuck in quite abusive situations and they’ve somehow come to believe through somebody’s guidance. Somebody told them that’s your twin flame. You have to put up with it and don’t, don’t do that to yourself.

Pain is not love. The two energies are quite different. So, trust yourself, if something feels wrong, it probably is. Trust your instincts, trust your intuition. Your intuition is what’s going to guide you through and into this twin flame connection, this reunion. And the times we are heading into their more and more and more of them connecting and meeting. And we are not all a hundred percent well prepared to do this. We’re not always going to do it perfectly every time, but you know, true twin flames are then honest and caring about each other.

Love Franziska

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