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5 Tips on How To Let Go Of Guilt and Start doing what's Right for You

5 Tips on How To Let Go Of Guilt and Start doing what’s Right for You

5 Tips on How To Let Go Of Guilt and Start doing what’s Right for You. In my work as a psychic and life coach I always try to help people to be empowered and to do what is right for them
Freeing up your energy field of things that no longer work is very powerful and can really clear obstacles
Self-care and inner work have come up a lot recently in my psychic work, and doing what’s right for you is part of honoring your soul path and a significant part of self empowerment .When you honor your soul, you simultaneously permit others to do this too, so there’s no guilt in doing what’s right for you – ever.
The emotion of guilt, when making spiritually-guided changes for self-wellness, can be triggered when we let go of something which doesn’t serve us.
Likewise, when you move away from something vibrationally, you may feel it as it goes. Still, once it leaves your energy field, it’s gone
So, a great way to do what’s right for you is simply by taking a deep breath and saying goodbye, then focusing on where you are moving to and where you want your life to go.
Here are some steps you can use to let go of guilt
1. Get clear abut what energizes you and what depletes you. These are messages for you to help you decide what is right for you
Though, so many times, we hold onto things due to a feeling of obligation.
Trust that the other has their own divine life path and will be ok. Its not your job to take on their path

2. Call on your spirit guides to Assist You to Let go of Guilt

Its amazing how our spirit guides can step in and clear the way. I have seen it many times in my life and also in my clients lives who have had psychic readings or coaching with me.
Ask and you will receive

3. Raise your Vibration

Meditation and even spending time in nature can help you raise your vibration and let go of guilt. Guilt is of a lower vibration and cannot be present when our vibration is high. There are some excellent guided meditations available and even some on releasing guilt and fear. These are very calming and strengthening

4. Journaling can help You Let go o Guilt

Writing down your thoughts , ideas and dreams is very good for us as it clears the soul and the heart and allows us to let go of emotions which don’t serve us. So have some fun with this but write down whatever you feel. Its only for you and not for anyone else

5 Get some Life Coaching or Mentoring

Having someone who has no agenda as to what you do and is unconditionally there for you can really help as it brings you the support and encouragement to follow your path. Coaching can also help you find your own unique path and gifts and to get clear on what may be blocking you and how to overcome that,

Visualization and Forgiveness

Sitting in a calm, quiet place, visualize the person you feel guilty about and ask them for forgiveness. Now, see them forgiving you, send them love and see the guilt floating upwards and floating off
It’s hard to forgive yourself and accept that you deserve it, but holding onto your guilt only creates pain. Seek help from a trained practitioner if you feel you cannot do it on your own.
You do deserve to forgive yourself for anything you may have done in the past. At the time you did what you had the knowledge for and that is quite ok. We are here to grow not to be perfect

“Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If, in our heart, we still cling to anything—anger, guilt, or possessions—we cannot be free.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

If you feel bad about missing an obligation, dinner or a task, you’re not going to be fully present and committed to what you have chosen to . The guilt you’re feeling is keeping you from committing fully and giving it your all. it is time to let go of guilt 
It’s also stealing your joy. It may not seem like a big deal, but guilt eats up your positive energy . So letting go of guilt is very powerful when it comes to manifesting the life we want..
It can block us from seeing our blessings and enjoying them.

It also achieves nothing. If you do something you feel bad about change it, apologize or make amends but don’t linger in it.
Old guilt wont solve anything so forgiving yourself is vital to free up your life and your energy.

From a spiritual perspective when looking at the aura guilt shows up like a murkiness or shadowing in the energy and needs to be released and cleared so you can move forward with clarity.

If you enjoyed this article that is lovely, if you have any comments to make please comment below how you have overcome guilt. It may just help someone else.

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