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Exclusive Interview With Franziska Intuitive, Psychic Clairvoyant

Shared with permission from Mystic Mag written by Chené Murphy


Franziska Intuitive is a Psychic Clairvoyant based in Wellington, New Zealand with over 30 years of experience offers psychic readings via email, phone or in person. In this interview, she shares some insight into both her personal and professional life.


When did you first know that becoming a Psychic & Clairvoyant was your calling and how did you develop this gift?

My whole family was spiritually inclined and encouraged me to develop my abilities. As a teenager I rebelled for a while and just wanted to be normal and do teenage things. But it was after I had my children and I was in my 20s a book literally fell on my head in a book shop and the journey really started. I spent some time in the Marlborough Sounds learning, mediating and honing my abilities. I also trained with Colin Lambert as a healer and did a bit of Life Coaching training as well as other learning. I think the biggest barrier for most people is self doubt. And when I lived near Motueka I got involved in starting a healing center with a friend and mostly did healings but felt I had messages I wanted to share and developed that from there. I also travelled for about 12 years around New Zealand in my mobile home doing readings and met so many wonderful people on that journey. Now its just what I do, I don’t question it or see it as unusual. It does make for interesting reactions at the Dentists when they ask what I do. Usually people are just curious though.

What do you love most about your profession as a Psychic ?

I love seeing a persons face brightening and their enthusiasm coming to the surface. Being able to see them believe in themselves, because they are the ones making things happen in their life, I just guide. And bumping into them and seeing all the wonderful things they are doing is amazing too.

Also seeing the beauty of people while they are so very human and share their challenges. There is something so incredibly strong and beautiful in being vulnerable and I hold that trust in the highest regard.

What is the most challenging part of being a psychic medium?

Seeing people go through awful things and trying to help them find the strength to remove themselves from bad situations. Its hard to see someone at rock bottom. And making time for my self-care which is important so I turn my phone off then so I can focus on that and recharge.

Is there a certain practice or ritual that you use personally to prepare yourself before a psychic reading?

It’s more of a mental practice. I close my eyes and mentally leave my opinions and own personal ideas outside and trust what I am shown and I ask for the clearest guidance for the clients highest good.

You also offer reading by email as a service, do you find that this is at all limiting in establishing a connection with people?

No I don’t find it a problem. I do ask for a photo which helps and distance does not affect a spiritual connection with my guides and their guides. So I don’t find it difficult. But I don’t read other people by email for people, like reading someone’s adult daughter for the mother. I don’t do that as the daughter has not given her consent. I can only look at the mother /daughter relationship or things which affect both of them or the family. Not the adult daughters personal life. I just feel that is not right for me to do.

Is there anything special that a person should do to prepare for an email reading?

I feel getting clear what they would like to receive . I do allow questions but limit them to 5 for email readings but more in person or I don’t get time to go with what I am being shown by spirit. So even if a person has no actual questions telling me that they would like to know about love or career or what is on their mind means I can give that more focus during the reading. For in person readings even having some questions written down is a good idea as people often say they have forgotten what they wanted to ask.

Is there any final message that you would like to share with our readers?

I feel we all have spiritual abilities and they come through in different ways for people. So trust what you feel and know deep inside, it is your Souls GPS and won’t steer you wrong. Nature is a wonderful place to connect with your guidance.  My blog page on my website also has some articles on intuition and spiritual development which you may find interesting.

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Psychic Franziska has been a Psychic and Healer for over 30 years . With a great deal of experience as a psychic she loves to share all the knowledge she has gained through training and experience.
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