Learn the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Learn the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Learn the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread -Learn Tarot. The Celtic Cross Spread is my favourite Tarot Card Spread. It can be used in many situations and has a great overview of a someone’s life.
The Celtic Cross is not a hard spread to learn either and can be easily remembered.
Learn what the Positions mean in a Celtic Cross tarot spread
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The first published reference to the Celtic Cross spread comes from the work of A.E Waite (co-creator of the famous Rider-Waite Tarot cards) Ge mentioned them in his writings. this spread has been around for a very long time.
Before You start clear your mind and shuffle the cards well. If the reading is for You then hold your question in your mind while you shuffle. If its for someone else You shuffle the cards first as it clears them from the last reading and then get the querent to shuffle them while they hold their question in mind . Most people like to split the pile into three piles and then stack them back on top of each other . There is really no right or wrong way. I have had a client who only had one hand so shuffling was not possible so I got her to mix the tarot cards on the table and then had her hold them while keeping her question in mind

The Significance of the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

1. The Cross: This consists of the first six cards arranged in a cross shape. They represent the situation directly
2. The Pillar: This includes four cards placed from bottom to top beside the cross. These cards provide additional information that influences the situation. This will point out the influence of what the querent does. The environment and peoples influences and also what can be done do bring the right outcome.

The Positions of the Tarot Cards

1. Position one is the heart of the matter and what is most important right now for the querent .
2. Since it crosses card one, it helps to think of the challenge card as your cross to bear or what stands in the way of what you want. If the card in the second position is a ‘positive card’, it means there won’t be any major obstacles between you and the desired outcome.
3. The root of the matter. The cause or situation form the past Your deeper desires, beliefs and feelings that you are not fully aware of, but yet powerfully effect your situation. These can sometimes reveal themselves in your dreams.
4. Position four- This is the recent past and what is currently leaving. This influence is on its way out but may still have an impact.5. Position 5 is what crowns you. Your desire or focus and where you want to go with your life or the situation. Possibilities which you can manifest

6. This is the near future. What will happen soon , In the coming weeks or months, but starting in the near future

7. Position seven. This is the querent , how they are responding or dealing with things at this time.

8. The environment, people and situations influencing the situation or the querents life. . How are other people or home, work or the community affecting the querent.

9. Position nine. The fears and hopes of the querent. What the person is wishing for or afraid of. This is bringing the unconscious up so its made conscious

10. Position ten.This is the outcome or where the person is heading. This is going to show you how things will turn out. I often if this is not totally clear or is negative will add two card either side of the tenth card to give more information and some hints as to how to create a better outcome.

Some history of the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread has been used for over a century. In 1911, Arthur Edward Waite, co-creator of the well-known Rider-Waite tarot deck, published his version of the famous tarot spread.
The different tarot cards and how they affect each other,
Each card has an effect on the neighboring card and can influence its effect. This is something I will look more into in a future post. But also its important to understand the different elements of the tarot cards. My post about the four Tarot cards can explain more about the elements of the four suits.    The four Tarot Suits

Trust Your Intuition

Over time You will develop your own relationship with your Tarot cards and will trust more what you feel. For me that was as my Psychic abilities joined in. I would trust my feelings and interpret the spread how I was guided to often rather than rigidly by the book. So do ask your spirit guides to help you when learning the tarot.
Reading the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread for Yourself
This can be harder than for anyone else as you have your own wishes and desires. So it can be difficult to be impartial. But it is a great way to practice. Good friends can be challenging too as you already know a lot about them. I feel the “cleanest” readings are usually for complete strangers as we have no preconceived ideas.
So enjoy have some fun and practice you will soon learn where each card goes and how it works.
If you enjoyed this article I am glad and please feel free to share if you know people who may enjoy it.

Here is a  Wikipedia description of the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread 

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Celtic cross tarot Spread
Celtic Cross Tarot Layout
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