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 7 Signs You are a True Blue Empath

1You need regular alone Time.

Every single Empath I have met needs time alone to clear their thoughts and their energy. When you feel things which are other peoples feelings its important to clear out and find your own centre again. Nature and water are very good for this and allow you to ground and release stuff which is not yours.

2 You are often treated as a Doormat when Younger.

Empaths are often treated as doormats until they realize that it is is not serving them and ultimately not others either. Others don’t need to grow and learn when people are martyrs and save them constantly. Learning to say no is the most empowering thing you can do as and Empath.

3 You dislike crowded Places.

Crowds can be overwhelming to an empathy with that many energies, emotions and thoughts floating around it can be draining. Keeping your focus inside your belly and breathing deeply can help.

4 You are sensitive to Chemicals and Substances.

Often as an empath you will have sensitivities to foods, additives and substances and your body will loudly complain when exposed to these. As an Empath you are sensitive to your environment on all levels. So try to keep your environment as clear as you can of irritants. A lot of Empaths also have food sensitivities  and allergies.

5 You are a Magnet for People with Problems.

As and Empath you will often notice that complete strangers tells you their problems . They sense that you are caring and seek you out. This can be exhausting and its important to stop a conversation if you start to feel drained. Don’t feel guilty. You don’t have to let your energy go down that far.Yes its nice to care but caring for your own energy is your responsibility and important.

6 You know what People are not Saying.

When in a conversation as an Empath you pick up far more than words . People can stand there and tell you how great their new job is but sometimes you just know its not true. It can be tricky as saying its not true can get people angry so being smart and keeping it to yourself until the person is ready to open can be the best way. Unless you have a very open and honest friendship.

7 Empaths can Self Isolate .

Sometimes it can all just get a bit much and some time to yourself is required. Asking people for help does not come easy to Empaths so they withdraw. Also complicating this is the fact that often Empaths have been supporting everyone else but don’t actually have a lot of people who return the favor in their lives. And people expect the Empath to be ok as they don’t tend to ask for support. So this is a key growth factor to allow support and to ask for it when you need it.


Self care and looking after yourself is a priority as an empath and being able to say No is a big part of that. Spend time in nature, have a bubble bath, turn off your phone and allow yourself some time just to nurture you.

Here is an article I wrote about the energy shifts occurring at this lime and this is very noticeable for a lot of empaths 


  Spiritual energy shifts



Here is a Site with a Quiz if you are not sure if you are an     Empath Quiz


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