8 Ways to Develop your Psychic Abilities


I have written about this topic before but over time there are always new things to add so I have rewritten this updated post. So here are 8 Ways to Develop your Psychic Abilities and to really develop your Intuition.

We all have a 6th sense and have  the abilities to tune into a higher wisdom. This can work differently for different people, but all are very valid.

There are different types of psychic abilities. Some people are able to divine the future. Others get messages from the spirit world. A few may be able to read  “auras” that tell them how the person is feeling.

Are you psychic? or Intuitive? You may have been told that the dreams and sensations you experience are just your imagination. Despite this, there may have been times in your life when you felt you had access to knowledge that you could not explain. Can you trust this knowledge? The tips below may help you to develop these wonderful abilities

To strengthen and Enhance your Psychic Abilities

1 Meditation- This is really the number one way to strengthen your abilities and it has been used for thousands of years. it teaches us to detach from all the mind chatter and to listen to calm wisdom within and also to tune into a higher guidance. When our minds are busy its like a radio station which is not quite tuned in . There is a a lot of static and noise

2.Automatic writing- This is a very useful tool and mean you write without thought and let go so you write whatever comes out. many people also use their non dominant hand/ This is not for anyone else to read but you , so don’t worry what comes out. Close yours eyes , take a few deep breaths and start writing. It will strengthen and fine tune your psychic abilities

3.Listen to your Intuition- Ever get a feeling that something wasn’t quite right? Ever feel like you just had ​to turn left at that stop sign, even though you normally would have turned right? Pay attention to things like this. Often, there’s a reason for those intuitive messages.

4.Connect with your guides. You can ask them for a sign and also doing a guided meditation which takes you to meet your spirit guides can be very helpful and these can be found online.. Your guides can not help unless we ask them as the universe is governed by free will and they wont act unless we request it. The more you strengthen your psychic abilities the clearer the guidance will be. Find a quiet place and an uninterrupted chunk of time and just sit and listen. Your mind will bounce around but will quieten after a bit of time . And just be open

5.Attend a group or classes to develop your psychic talents –Many good psychics teach classes to help others to connect and develop their abilities. Some even teach classes online, which can be just as inspiring and effective as those taught in person. Search around and see what teachers or classes resonate with you. Again, trust your gut. More often than not, you’ll just have a good feeling about a certain teacher or class that is right for you.

Try to avoid teachers who may have a “my way or the highway” attitude. A good spiritual teacher will be able to help you navigate and better understand what your own special gifts or abilities are.

To further enhance Your  Psychic Abilities

6.Let go of fear-fear of the unknown can block the channel and will keep you from hearing your guides. Movies etc have brought our natural gifts into the realm of being scary but as long as your intent is good there is really nothing to fear.

7.get a deck of card you like- This is very good for strengthening your abilities as it asks you to tune in. But don’t go overboard with the book meanings . They are helpful at the start but if you don’t go too much by the book meanings ( which are just someone’s opinion after all ) you will learn to read intuitively and this will also strengthen your psychic ability. There are tarot cards, angel cards, medicine cards, crystal cards and lost of different types . Go with what feels best to you and enjoy getting to know them

I have a few articles on learning to read the Tarot 

8. Spend time in nature- Just sitting in nature is very calming and can strengthen our psychic connection to all that is. There is less energy around and its  a much calmer energy. Also later in the day loosely look at trees and plants and you may see a glow around them . this is your first step to seeing Auras

I have been working as  reader and healer for 30 years and love to empower people to discover their own gifts .

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