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Happy New Year and to New Beginnings I hope you all had a fantastic festive season and are recharged and ready for the year. I have not been travelling but staying in the Waikato for a while as my online Psychic Readings have been busy and I had some healing to do after a reaction to some antibiotics I was given which caused some tendon issues. But sitting at my desk is not a problem. So I have stayed put and enjoyed Lake Karapiro and its beauty. Below are just a few places I visit on my tours and they are where I replenish myself with the beauty in nature I have found staying put a bit challenging as my spirit always wants to explore and visit the beautiful places we have in this country. This post is really just an opportunity to share some of my favorite places in New Zealand with you all and to wish you a Happy New year and may you all prosper. if you would like a reading for the new Year please go to my Website



Huka Falls . Psychic tour NZ
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