Twin Flames Soul Mates and how they are different

Twin Flames and Soul Mates and how they are different. I am often asked how they are different and how you can tell them apart. Contrary to what many people thing a Soul Mate relationship are often less difficult than a Twin Flame union as twin flames are such powerful mirrors for each other. So if anything is unhealed it will show up. This is what often creates the Twin Flame runner phenomenon where one is overwhelmed and runs from it.

Soul Mates are from the same soul group and assist each other but dont reflect each other as much. So often times Soul Mate relationships are smoother from the start and a bit easier.

Twin flames and soul mates relationships have different ways of assisting us Soul Mates offer us gentle and stable support, twin flames are there to push for spiritual transformation. Soulmate relationships are designed to support us and uplift us gently whilst twin Flame connections will work much more strongly , intensely and can really push out buttons.

Twin Flame Lessons

If both Twin Flames have done some personal growth and are very aware the reflection will be embraced and both parties will communicate when they are triggered but sometimes it can become very intense so its a good idea to take your time when entering a twin flame relationship so you dont get overwhelmed.

This type of aware relationship can be absolutely amazing and others will notice that this couple have something . they may not know what but they can feel the connection.

Twin Flame Signs

Once you have met even if you try to avoid it You will keep running into each other

You might dream of them before you meet them

The intense feelings can maybe scare you

You can feel wired or really energized by them

You are able to pick up on each over a long distance. You might feel what they are feeling even though they are away.

The passion can be very intense

You may have parallels like dates in your life or life experiences.

The list could go on but I have written other blog posts on this subject

Soul Mate Signs

You are very comfortable with each other very fast

You are also best friends

You trust this person even though you haven’t known them  very long

The encourage you to be the best version of you

You Respect Each Other’s Differences

In general Soul Mate connections are fairly smooth. Of course they are not perfect but you truly feel that your Soul Mate has your back. You just know that they will be with you even when life gets hard

The purpose of Both Twin Flames and Soul Mates 

In my experience and after working with thousands of people and what I am shown by spirit , both are vitally important. Sometimes out twin flame is not incarnated when we are and we have a soul mate relationship. Or our Twin Flame was not ready and ran off or a twin flame relationship failed due to the challenges being very intense and they have parted and will unite again in the spirit realm. Sometime our twin flame may be learning other things and we connect with a soul mate. These relationships are very loving and close and both people really support each other so they are beautiful.

Twin Flames meet over many lifetimes to help each other to grow and awaken and when they do stay with their twin and are both open and ready a beautiful and open state of awareness will come into their relationship.

Twin Flames deepen our Self Love

Our Twin Flame will help us to deepen our self love. When they mirror our flaws or any areas where we lack self love to us and we are open and vice versa then we can grow into a deeper self love and awareness through what they mirror to us.

So if you are with your Twin Flame make a pact to be completely open and to tell each other when you are triggered . To be able to say so without being made fun of or being abandoned for having maybe insecurity . Its about being in a safe space with each other. And then the true dance of the Twin Flames begins as everything you see in each other you will know is also in you and that you can not hurt the other without hurting yourself.

Are Soul Mates less important than Twin Flames?

Absolutely not both are vitally important in our evolution. At different times we will draw different people and relationships to ourselves to best serve us and to assist us. So just because you have not met your Twin in this life time it does not mean you are not evolved enough. It simply means that you have had a lot of lifestimes to

Twin Flames Soul Mates
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