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5 Signs You are Raising Your Vibration


Here are 5 Signs You are raising Your Vibration


Some are physical and some are more emotional. some of them can be a bit uncomfortable but it is just a process and if we know what is going on then we can go with the sensations instead of resisting them.


We are at an interesting point in the spiritual evolution and it seems like everything is getting more intense. Its like someone turned the volume up and to sail smoothly through these vibrational changes awareness is the key.


Here are 5 common Signs


  1. Weird physical symptoms which dont make sense. Aches and pains, flu like symptoms and a feeling of heat in the body. Some people are having headaches as their crown and third eye chakra open more and doctors can not help a great deal with that.
  2. Feeling more sensitive when in social situations and picking up on the feelings of others.
  3. Eating more than usual or sometimes a lot less but wanting different foods now. This is because as our energy vibrates faster out body wants the nutrition and energy to do this. heavy food can feel uncomfortable. The most important thing here is to hydrate and to listen to your body.
  4. Having a much stronger intuition and just knowing things without knowing how you know. As we clear our energy bodies and our physical as well we will hear our intuitive guidance much more clearly and its important to listen and not to overthink this.
  5. Feeling much more connected to nature and to animals. Spending time in nature is also important to stay grounded and connected to the planet or we can loose touch with life.


All of these and there are many more are positive signs that your vibration is increasing and you may see flashes of colour or spiritual beings and energies as our realm and theirs come closer together. This is not a negative situation as unevolved or trapped spirits dont vibrate all that high and they are not found in the clearer vibrational levels.

How can I make this Vibrational Frequency rise Easier?


Taking time for self care is vital and spending time to just process and catch your breath. Drink plenty of water and try to eat high water content food like fruits and vegetables as these also carry life and vibration. You may need something heavier later in the day to ground you for a good and deep sleep.


As you reclaim your self and you stop asking the outside world to prove that you are worthy, your vibration will naturally rise, and you will discover that your worth is a natural part of who you were born to be. Not only do you not have to do anything to prove your worthiness, trying to prove it, keeps you from it , as you cannot prove that which you are. As the sun will rise and the air is free to breathe, your real worth cannot be taken away, no matter what you do or don’t do.


Many are also meeting their twin flames and connecting again after a very long time



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And here is a good article on balancing your energy centers Mind Body Green have some great information available



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