9 Psychic Development Tips-Number 4 will give You a great Boost

9 Psychic Development Tips-Number 4 will give You a great Boost. Tuning into your intuitive and psychic abilities is a bit like going to the gym. The more you practise the stronger your abilities become. Being psychic is not about trying hard or striving its a state of being. So the trick is to relax. I certainly am at my most tuned in when I relax and dont try too hard. Just relax and let the information and insights flow. The more in tune we are the easier life is because we trust more and are so much more peaceful. Also we will know deep within what is right for us and what is wrong. often people feel they need to see great visions straight away but I find its often more like a knowing a feeling and is much more subtle at the start, As we use it we get stronger messages and knowings and more visual impressions .

Key Psychic Development Steps

1.Use your spare time to relax and breathe and unwind. if you are waiting to go somewhere and have 20 minutes space. Just sit comfortably and breathe slowly and deeply and dont attach to any of your thinking. Just let your thoughts drift on past. This will heighten  your awareness and  slow down the thinking process so you can hear your intuition. 2. Take some time to turn off the TV, computer and put your phone in flight mode and listen to some relaxing music. binaural beats are great for this and available for download on the internet 3. Set aside an area in your home and garden for meditation and communicating with your guides. After a while you will tune in quite quickly after sitting in that place as your mind and body relax so much faster. 4 Talk to your guides. Ok maybe not when you are at work but acknowledge them. Our guides spend a lot of time waiting for us to talk to them and ask for their assistance,. A mediation to name your guide or guides is also great. see what comes to you as far as names go and whether you get any other impressions. ( I used to run a guided meditation for this at  a healing center where I worked and it was great. Everyone enjoyed it and came out of the meditation with a lot of great confirmation)  Our guides love it when we start to open up to them and acknowledge them as it gives them permission to assist us more. 6. Use crystals. There are some wonderful crystals out there which can help us tune in more. Its best to choose your own for yourself as you will choose what really vibes with you. Amethyst is popular but there are many wonderful crystals out there . I have an Azurite / Malachite I always have near me when I work and a Spirit quarts I keep by my computer. 7.Just walk in nature. nature is so good for us and my favourite prescription for stressed people. It calms us and connecting with nature is a really good way to learn to really listen. You could even look at  a treeline at dusk to see the energy shimmering above the trees, Its what comes before seeing auras. 8.Take care of your health. This is a must especially as you tune in your sensitivity. Eating good food and drinking plenty of water and sleeping well will stop you from energetic burnout which does happen occasionally when its all very new and overwhelming. 9. Use it in your day to day life. See if you can “feel” who it is when your phone rings before you look at the screen. Ask your guides and the universe to help you find parking places , lost items or an answer to a dilemma.The more you use it the stronger it gets.

Enjoy Your Psychic Development

This is the most important key. enjoy it, have fun and experiment. Your guides are not grim and dour and most of the ones I have come across have a sense of humour and enjoy fun as much as we do. in my experience when someone starts to listen and develop their abilities , their guides get very exited as its finally time for them to really get to work with helping you.

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