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Accepting Emotions, a Gateway to Healing

It is singularly the most healing thing we can do for ourselves. My following story outlines my lessons when younger on this path and it has not been easy but very worthwhile. Learning to accept my emotions was the most healing thing I could do and also opened spiritual doors for me.

We can not deny our feelings and be sensitive to spirit but the more we open the more we let spirit in.

This has been a biggie for me to learn. I struggled with accepting emotions for years. And still do at times. I was brought up in a family with a very emotional mother and a more intellectually orientated father.

His flavor of spirituality was more in the head at that stage and emotions he made it very clear were simply not acceptable.

So as a child I started spending a lot of time on my own where it was safe to be me.

This erroneous belief formed in me a need to be super independent and very self reliant. Emotionally i never felt supported. So I just got on with things and ignored what was below the surface. You can only do that for so long before something gives and in my case it was a huge shedding of most of what my life was about.

It hurt but in a way it had to so I would feel.

When I ignored my Feelings Life Stepped in

Ironically for many years I supported everyone else. I had a family and tried to make every one happy which of course did not work and was futile.

The light went on when in the middle of my break up my stepmother called with her weekly 4 hour complain about my sister session. And when I said I couldn’t support her right now. Well what she said was a wake up call.

“You are not allowed to have problems , you are here to support us”
I took my first really empowering step. I hung up. I worked hard to find my way but was getting a lot of judgement from every angle which I was trying to fix. Lol

Until I collapsed and ended up really sick. The medical people said it was ME, Chronic Fatigue, whatever the label didn’t matter. But my body made me stop.

I spend a long time learning that my needs and what I felt was ok.

That I deserved to take care of myself, say no and say how I felt.

Well that didn’t go down well. So I removed myself from the unhealthy connections in my life and got to know me and what spirituality meant to me.

And that love is biggest force in the universe and that emotions are signposts and useful in showing us what is going on within us.

Otherwise we would have no idea.

Ironically. My “over emotional” mother is the only one who always unconditionally accepted what I did, how I lived and who I was. She is a most loving and kind soul and yes she may have slightly rose tinted glasses but I love that about her.

Accepting our feelings is a beautiful Journey

This long story has a purpose To encourage you to allow yourself to feel whatever you feel.

Feel your feelings, your emotions. They are what they are. They are not permanent and when felt and accepted move on.

They are a beautiful part of being human and being real.

So love them, thank them, and above all love yourself. In order to really work with our intuition we need to get out of our heads and feel or it will not work as well. Our other spiritual abilities also become clearer.

I wrote a post about Intuition recently if you are interested, How to tell if its Intuition.


Accepting our Emotions
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