empath overload

Are You feeling Overwhelmed ? It may be Empath Overload

Empaths are very sensitive and feel things very strongly. Its like the volume on their feelings is dialed right up and many are experiencing Empath Overload.
How do I know ? I am an empath and also work with a lot of empaths as a Psychic Reader and Soul Coach  and am hearing about the strain in empaths lives right now

The World is an Intense Place right now for Empaths

We have had so much going on from the pandemic to natural disasters and the news is full of well bad news. Many people are stressed and some are acting out. This can make Empaths feel overwhelmed and anxious

1.An empath overloaded may feel exhausted, overwhelmed, depressed, and/or emotionally volatile. They may experience health problems. Eventually, they realize they can’t continue living in the same way:

2.Feeling responsible for other people’s happiness and well-being

3.Feeling other peoples’ feelings as a default way of functioning
generally feeling so much, so intensely .

4.Fatigue/Exhaustion -this can manifest in a few ways. It could be your sleep is bad. Or you just feel run down No matter what you do, you can’t seem to find the energy you used to have.

5.Anxiety – are you more stressed than normal and feel like little things stress you more than normal

6.Depression – feeling lethargic, sad and stuck? Its really a time for rest and to take a load off and to focus on something which you enjoy

What is Empath Overload ?

Its really when all the chaos and emotion from outside becomes too much and the Empath feels stressed and emotional and also exhausted.
Right now there is so much going on that social media can also become overwhelming with too much information. recue social media to reduce V

What to do as an Overloaded Empath

Find someone to help you learn to manage your gift, preferably someone who’s who knows how to really work with the empathic gift

Learn about boundaries so you don’t get overwhelmed by peoples demands on you

Bring your energy back into yourself. Put your attention into your belly behind your belly button and breathe into your lower belly. This pulls your energy back into you so its not connecting with everyone else’s

Recognize it when you feel depleted and run down. Make time for self care and make it a priority and reduce Empath Overload
Turn off the news and reduce social media use and read something uplifting and positive instead or go for a walk in nature.

Do something you enjoy. You might have lots you feel you should do but being creative or doing something you love puts energy back into you

Don’t feel guilty about taking time for yourself. You need it and people will cope and learn to accept, or they really are a negative influence in your life

Understand that every soul has a journey and lessons and some people need to hit rock bottom before they are motivated to change. So trying to help them can actually slow their learning down. Use your discernment

Also the world has a journey and right now information is being brought out into the open and also there are some powerplays going on. But that too is a part of awakening for many people. They will wake up because of these extremes and can then learn about their purpose and their true nature and that we are all one

Becoming an Empowered Empath

When you’re able to manage your beautiful gift of empathy, you will reduce the Empath Overload–learning to use it selectively and to value your own wellbeing equally with others’–being an empath will feel much easier. Not only will you be more stable, you’ll have more energy for your own life journey.

The good news is, once we learn how to become empowered empaths, we’re less influenced by our surroundings. And, if anything, we actually have more power to influence the world around us in a more positive and uplifting way. Empathy  is  real gift and when an empath becomes empowered they use this ability with intent and when they choose to rather than being overwhelmed by it.

This means saying no at times and also saying yes when you genuinely want to assist another being by tuning into them.

The key is choice and knowing how to drive this powerful intuitive and empathic ability

Right now we have  a lot of empaths on the planet and I am connecting with many more every year. 

Empaths often have some big challenges in early life but these experiences too , can become a part of their ability to relate to people and to empwoer others as the Empath truly knows what the other is feeling. The true gift of the empath is just that to empower others rather than to take on their problems 

Being sensitive is hard in todays world but with good self care and boundaries can also become very rewarding 




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