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Mercury Retrograde March 2019 and what that means

Mercury Retrograde March 2019 and what that means. I am not an astrologer but a psychic and an intuitive. But I do feel the energetic influence of mercury retrograde. it feels to me like the energy is a bit unsettled more than anything.

Mercury Retrograde March 2019 begins fully on March the 5th but goes through a shadow time from the 19th of February which is like a precursor. Its not as strong but is slowly starting.

It ends on March the 28th and the after shadow or lingering energies end April the 17th.

Of course Mercury does not actually go backwards but it appears like it to astrologers. This article I wrote to make people aware of the energetic influences and not to make people fearful. there are some benefits as well and also f we are aware, slow down and pay attention we can smoothly pass through this time.

What is the effect of Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde March 2019 is in Pisces so there may very well be an emotional element. I dont like instilling fear and mercury retrograde is not something we need to be afraid of. But it can make some things take longer and can cause  alack of clarity.

Wheras a direct energy is smooth and lets things grow and develop more smoothly, retrograde can cause holdups and delays and sometimes unclear communication. here are some examples:

1.You don’t think clearly so take your time with decisions

2. Things might be delayed

3. technology can act up. So keep it simple and have back ups of your content you have in devices or online

4.Your texts may be misunderstood. So make a phone call rather than text anything important.

5.You may be forgetful ( so write things down)

When Mercury retrograde is in full flow we are at a wobbly stage where we are likely to slip-up, make mistakes, and misread another’s communications. So make sure you spend time making sure your message cam across as you intended. Count on greater misunderstandings, as all communications are more likely to suffer; expect delays travelling and/or with undelivered mail or messages.

How to get through Mercury Retrograde Smoothly

During any Mercury Retrograde cycle, one should not enter into any binding agreements or life-altering commitments. there may be miscommunication and errors. So if you have to make it very clear.

Getting major repairs done is not always smooth but you cant always avoid it so keep it to what is necessary.

The Positives of Mercury Retrograde

I feel with awareness we can make the most of mercury retrograde. It is a great time to look at old patterns, think deeply and to process emotions . We can come up with new strategies to take better care of ourselves and often new approaches to health come up at this time.

Its a time to slow down and be more mindful of what we do and say and to resist rushing. Learning how to work with others, being able to communicate truthfully with others and connect with people that we value and trust, are all very good ways to make the most of it.

Sift through that pile of clutter, remove what you need to keep, store, donate and/or recycle the rest. Its a great time to sort out and dispose of anything you dont use.

Mercury retrograde is ideal for introspection and travelling through realms of consciousness ~ as in balancing communication between the right and left hemispheres of your brain.

This enhances your ability to receive your own spiritual guidance and attune to your personal inner psychic abilities to attune to your core truth and purpose. Make time for meditation, reflection, journaling, candlelit baths and walks in nature.

Please comment below if you have had any interesting experiences during a Mercury retrograde and how you dealt with it

Blessings Franziska

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