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Psychic Insight for 2021 main

Psychic Insight for 2021

Here is my Psychic Insight for 2021 

I feel aside from all the world events this year will be really powerful for You to decide what you really want . Whether that is career , love or even where and how you live. 2021 is all about clarity and making strong and conscious decisions and you will find that you will get the results you are looking for. The universe always says yes. Imagine being in a restaurant and saying bring me anything. Well that’s what you would get. Whereas if you are clear about what you are asking for or ordering you will have taken a powerful step towards getting what you want.

2021 >Clarity> Results. This si the most powerful energy pattern I am seeing for 2021

I have looked at the energies and also pulled some tarot cards with the question in mind ” where are things going in 2021?”.

Its been a time of upheaval and changes for many and its interesting that in Astrology this time for predicted to be monumental. But I don’t want to predict politics as I feel each person has their own and very strong views on that.

I do feel on a mass consciousness level it is a time of personal empowerment and people will often be changing directions as they discover who they truly are.

We are living in a time of Awakening

Its a powerful time for self empowerment and truly connecting with your life purpose. You may leave your job, career , home town or relationship as people are growing so fast right now there will be a lot of changes. But its important not to be afraid as its also bringing people together. 

People will be meeting their soul tribe and also their divine complement and soul mate to walk with them during this important time. So there will be some changes in social circles. That does not mean that everyone will walk away from their friends and family but they will certainly meet some new people who are truly on the right wavelength for their path.

People are finding their Soul Purpose in 2021

many will find their soul purpose in the coming year. s hard as it has been for the people who have lost jobs and businesses and who have struggled, it is also a time when many will really change direction and focus on what truly makes them feel alive. So it will be less about jobs and more about passion. I also feel a lot of people will start their own businesses in 2021. It will just feel right,

Interconnected Communities

While many are looking at life on a global level, I also see many forming strong communities and support systems and I see people working together and supporting each others dreams. We are a communal being and through many changes in society many have lost that but I do see quite a few souls creating new and solid communities who work together.

A shift and a Divide

During the coming year I see many shifting into a new vibration and into a more peaceful and happy way of living. but others will be in a place of fear and struggle . The people who choose calm and unity and peace will be the way showers and slowly more and more people will look and want to also feel good and at peace and as such its not a movement I see which will brow beat others to agree . ( there is a lot of that about right now ) But who will get on with their lives and show by example and those who are curious will want to find out.So this divide will also slowly ease and lead to more unity

Technology and Society in 2021

Technology will of course advance that is inevitable , but I also feel people will find more balance with it. Where rather than have it take over their lives they will choose more consciously how they want to use it. Quiet time from technology will become a a part of life and people will set aside time to switch off and focus on family and being more present. technology is meant to serve us and not rule us and many will take steps to make that work better in their lives. I see quite a few advances with technology and also see something new in the world of energy. EG electric cars. there will be some development to make that all more efficient


My Tarot Cards for 2021

Because I do Tarot Card Readings on YouTube I thought I would pull some cards to see what was revealed


Psychic Insight for 2021

  Card One -The Emperor- For the start of the year there is a sense of people feeling a little overwhelmed and busy. Like there is too much going on and they are feeling burdened. But the positive take is that they can also sift through those burdened and choose to let go of what is not their responsibility and to work and live in ways which create more life balance. So its a powerful time of choices and growth

Card Two – The Emperor- This is a very strong time and will set in in around February/March of taking charge and making very strong decisions. People will find their own personal power more at work in relationships and in their lives. This is a time when many will make very strong decisions around career and how they earn a living and how to do what they love. So its an extremely empowering time

Card Three- The Two of Pentacles- Balance in all things. This will be in peoples own lives as well as in the world. While many have felt divided by their different views around April /May there will be  amore harmony and balance between people with different views. I dont know about you but I feel that is very much needed as I have seen a lot of anger in recent times. We are all a bit different but we are also all inter connected energetically and I see things as becoming more harmonious for many. Also at home and at work there is more balance coming in of working together and sharing the load.

Card Four= The Hermit Reversed- Here we have an influence of stepping out of isolation. If recent events have taught us nothing else its that having alone time is nice but too much isolation is not a good thing. So I feel there is an end to that and people finding once again stronger connections and communities with people who are in harmony with them and I see communities becoming stronger. Also many who have been single for a long time will see an end to that and find love and connection mid year.

Card 5 – The Ace of Wands _ A time of excitement and adventure. this is such a positive time in about July, August, September. new Life and New energy. So people will want to get out and explore and I feel that will be a bit easier by now. There is also a new excitement and energy for peoples own projects and plans. So if you have had a plan or idea now is the time to really go for it. Its also a time of strong attraction in the area of love and relationship. There can be an irresistible bond here for many.

Card 6-The Queen of Wands-This is one of my favorite cards. It shows us personal power and strength but also open ness and being willing to look at new ideas. The queen is open to the spiritual and yet firmly grounded in reality. So its a time when many will feel very good in the last few months of 2021. They will feel strong and empowered but also in tune with their spiritual self and intuition.

On a personal level this will be a factor in relationships and work as well. being in an empowered place where you choose what is right for you and you are not afraid to ask for it or speak up. This will create relationships of equality and respect. So its a wonderful influence. 

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