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How does a Psychic know the things they do

How does a Psychic know the things they do. I like it to a download. Its information which is there and feels very clear and strong almost physical. Also I see symbols and images in my minds eye. Which can sometimes be a very symbolic image like a wheel indicating change.

It is not spooky or scary like the movies have us believe and is a natural talent another sense we all have. Its just more developed in some people. Either naturally or also by training and practice. I personally like to meditate and also spend time in nature to keep my channels clear.

The information comes from our own higher self as well as our guides and spiritual beings like angels. they choose to show themselves in different forms depending on what is likely to work for the person they are guiding.

How does this Psychic Knowledge appear

There are several ways this information comes across and some people are stronger in some ways . One may be more clairaudient while another may be more clairsentient.

Clairvoyance – psychic seeing (you SEE an image in your mind’s eye)
Clairsentience – psychic feeling and sensing (you get a feeling or sense and dont always know how)
Clairaudience – psychic hearing (a word or phrase pops into your head)
Claircognizance – psychic knowing (you have an Inner knowing about something)

The clairvoyance is a bit different to normal seeing and is through your third eye rather than your physical eyes.

Higher Self

Your Higher Self is the part of you know that knows exactly why you’re on this earth. It’s your soul – your “spiritual self”it has always been you through many lifetimes and has a lot of wisdom.

It may let you know when to go for something or hold back. Its a very strong knowing and feels much stronger than a thought.

Your Spiritual Guides

These can be life guides who have chosen to assist you since birth or also special interest guides who help you with certain things. Like a healing guide will help a healer when they are practicing healing.

There are also guides which come in during special times of change or when you undertake a new task or learning in life.

Guiding Angels

Angels will guide you and sometimes also step in to protect you. they are often more indirect in their guidance and may show you a passage in a book or even a sign on the side of the road which stands out to you.

Also they make you aware of repeating or angel numbers. Which we see as encouragement and to show us we are on track,

Here is an article I wrote on signs from spirit and angels Angel Numbers 

How do I know who it is

Our Higher Self and spiritual team of Spirit Guides, angels and loved ones in heaven are the ones who send us information through our intuition and psychic gifts, so there is no need to be worried about who it is. But trust your feelings if something feels wrong or is negative trust yourself.

This psychic information is meant to serve you and not frighten you though and you will not be harmed.

Once you start developing your psychic abilities, you will be able to sense who is giving you the psychic message — a Spirit Guide, your Higher Self, or a departed spirit. These are not as wise often and bring across more personal messages .

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