Self Love and Spiritual Growth

I see Spirituality as something natural and normal and its a much a part of me as eating and sleeping and breathing.

Its does not need to be a struggle or a complicated journey at all. The fastest way to speed up your spiritual growth is love yourself. Completely and utterly. Love dissolves blocks and barriers to hearing our guidance and universal wisdom. Where there is love, blocks can not exist. So you basically love them out of existence rather than struggle against them.

Many years ago during my spiritual awakening my guides and helpers and no doubt my own soul, set it up so I could encounter some not very pleasant spiritual beings. And after much anxiety I learned, that if I could love them completely they actually just dissolved out of my reality anyway.

This taught me to be present with others and myself and just to hold space and to let people experience their feeling and to assist them to gently move through them.

It was a good part of my training. Self love is the most healing force there is and allowing yourself to feel what you feel and not judge it will let those feeling move on through. The more you love yourself the more you are at peace and from a peaceful space our spiritual abilities are so much clearer and stronger.

Louise Hay well know author has written books about this as she herself healed herself from cancer with her own personal healing journey.

So be kind be loving and this includes setting boundaries with people who treat you badly which will strengthen and empower you and allow you to love and be around healthy and loving individuals.

Have a great journey





Psychic Franziska is a New Zealand based Psychic with an International Clientele. based in Wellington ,she has traveled widely and tours New Zealand when she can to catch up with her clients here.

With 29 years experience and excellent reviews she has also given an amazing reading to Television Sports Personality Marc Ellis you can see his review on my home page

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