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Spiritual Healing with Food.

As we are going through big shifts in vibration and consciousness at the moment and a lot of inner clearing is happening within us, don’t be surprised if you feel drawn to different foods and also drinks. Hydration is really important as we clear and release so water is important.

People often ask me about my food choices as I try to eat a pretty clean and alive diet. Since everything is energy and vibration we truly do become what we eat.

Our ancestors had much healthier food as it was not dowsed in chemicals or processed. But even in today’s world we can make good and life enhancing choices.

Raw and unprocessed food has the most life force energy and therefore boosts our own. The fresher the better. Sprouts have an amazing amount of energy as they are in the biggest growth phase of life. Germination. I am not saying it all has to be raw but bring more into your daily life and you will feel a difference. I sometimes eat completely raw for a day and feel amazing but yes cooked food is more comforting and grounding. It relaxes and mellows us whereas raw food after a cleansing period is highly energizing.

There is a connection with everything vibrationally in our lives and taking in life will enhance life.

But whatever you choose to eat appreciate it savor it and it will digest more completely and bring you more nutritional value.

The mental and spiritual clarity gained by a fairly clean lifestyle is big and the benefits do not require people to become fanatics but to love their bodies by giving them a bit more of the good stuff 🙂


Healing Food

Several years ago a friend and I played around with charging food with energy. She is a Reiki master and I am am an energy healer. We energized different foods and then measured the foods energy field or aura with dowsing rods and yes the food we had “healed” had a much bigger energy field. So how we treat our food has a direct relationship to its energy. Loving energy enhances its energy which in turn enhances ours. So enjoy preparing and handling your food and that will enhance its life giving energy.

leave your own views and experiences in the comments.

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