How to get the best Psychic Reading

1. Get Prepared before Your Reading to get the best Psychic Reading 

This may seem like an odd tip, but it’s incredibly important. Preparing yourself before a reading is crucial to its overall success. In order for you to connect with a psychic, you need to be in a right frame of mind. if You are sending questions , keep them clear as my guides will then give better answers than to vague questions
Also if asking about a partner or person a first name means that your psychic is not just going out there and asking about a random person

2. For remote sessions and getting  the Best Psychic Reading

To get the best Psychic Reading send a photo of your face. This helps the connection and can make the reading so much clearer. Photos from a distance are not as good.

3. Listen Deeply to what your Psychic is saying 

Listening intently is a given, but don’t forget to take notes during your reading (if in person or by phone). This will help you in not only remembering what your psychic has shared with you after your reading but play a big part in helping you reveal answers that you may have forgotten to ask. Writing things down will also help you if you need to ask for clarification about something in the future. To get the best psychic reading you can , you will want to ask everything you wanted to. With email readings you can look back at it any time you wish. I recommend reading through it once and then going through it more slowly.
I often hear from clients “ I didn’t understand that part at first but then a few weeks later something happened and then it made complete sense)

4. Stay Open

If it’s your first time, or you’re unfamiliar with psychic readings altogether, always remember that the most important thing you can do is to keep an open mind to get the best Psychic Reading. Finding a strong connection with a reader requires open energy on your part. if You are nervous say so it can help your reader to help you to relax

5. Write down your Questions You have for Your Psychic

Writing your intentions or questions down before your reading gives you an irreplaceable tool – a list you can refer to anytime during the reading, to make sure all the things you wanted covered get covered this will give you the best psychic reading possible. It will also help you to get focused before your session, and strengthens the power of your intention.

6.If you don’t have specific Questions

Sometimes people just want a general reading, and you can tell the psychic reader that is the case and they will do just that. But if for example, you are struggling at work, have a relationship concern then it’s a good idea to mention that so it will be covered this ensures you get the best psychic reading You can

7. Trust Your own instincts when having a Psychic Reading

Psychics are also human and often are shown images and symbols and will interpret them. So if something confuses you, ask . This can bring the whole thing into context and make it much clearer.

8 , What a Psychic Reader cant do or won’t do

We can’t make your ex come back. There are a few scams going around like that but everybody has free will and a Psychic can not interfere with someone else’s free will. They can advise you how to reconcile but can not do this for you.
We do not read minds. We can read energy thought forms and also are advised by our spirit guides and yours , but can not invade your thoughts uninvited

Tell You when you are going to die. This is something no reputable psychic will do. Its like an unwritten rule between real genuine psychics

These are just a few tips which will help You to really get the most out of Your reading . I have often seen clients who have forgotten what they wanted to ask or to not know what to expect.


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